CD problem

I have not got into streaming as yet, but have a lot of CD’s and some will not read now on my equipment. They are compilations that someone made from 2000-2021, one per year. The newer one’s are fine.

I used to be able to play them on my then existing cd player in my hifi or put them into my iTunes (now AppleMusic) set up on my Mac.

It seems now that my 2019 Apple iMac, Nad C541i and now my newer Audiolab 6000CDT player will not play some of these and say that the CD in question is blank.

So, my question is whether there is a portable CD player that will read these or, not so that I can put them onto my Mac to write usable versions of my non functioning CD’s?

No expert on this but I’ve been gifted at times RW cd and after a while have stopped being recognised the fix I found was to save them was to bung them in my laptop and make another copy of it then hey presto with whatever magic that adds the new one plays fine.
The CDP said error or no disc but the laptop didn’t.

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Could try ripping them if you can find a computer that will ‘see’ them - and then write a new CD from the ripped files??

We had some old RW CD which our CD transport wouldn’t read couple years back during our transition to naim.

Solved by a 15 quid USB drive connected to laptop and now ripped to NAS.

Try them in a computer. If they play, you can rip them and either re-record them on a CD or put them on a NAS/USB drive for playback with a streamer

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