CD stores in London

Just wondering if anyone has some good recommendations for new or second hand CDs in London.

Find Sister Ray in Berwick street and there’s lots of other shops very close nearby. (Phonica, reckless, sounds of the universe …)

Then pop on the tube to Ladbroke Grove and you’ll find honest Jon’s. And rough trade nearby.


Great recommendations above!

Out in Islington, there’s also Flashback on Essex Road (one also in Crouch End I think).

Flashback, Reckless and Sister Ray tend to be my most visited as they’re local to either home or work.


Used to browse Reckless of a lunchtime when I was visiting a client nearby! Not far from a decent microbrewery as I recall :smile:

Changed days :frowning_face:

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CDs AND beer. :+1:


This was in the CFO credit card behind the bar type of days, on a Friday lunchtime :laughing:

I do miss those times, work hard play hard. Somewhere along the line we’ve lost the play.

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Ah Fridays drinks at work when I first got off the tools in 88 and started in sales/PM it was a weekly event. Nowadays it’s special occasions, shame it was generally good for morale.

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Employers have to be very careful now.

Putting a credit card behind a bar for employees to indulge in alcohol would definitely be viewed as discriminatory/offensive behaviour on so many levels.

Back in the day an employee moaned to the board one lunchtime that he couldn’t indulge as he had to drive home once he got the train out to the commuter belt after work.

Advice from the chairman - stop complaining and buy a house nearer the train station :laughing:

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Definitely FOPP is the place to go. Not as cheap as it was and as is the way vinyl has pushed out CDs but still well stocked and some absolute bargains to be had.

1 Earlham St, London WC2H 9LL


They changed the workplace rules here a few years ago and made the employer responsible for any staff member that drinks “at work”. These days you have to arrange transport home.

Thanks for the recommendations. CDs have become so hard to buy here there’s only a few shops still open that I’m aware of. I hate buying them from that large online company big river.

I’ve never been to Fopp… I’ll try and get there soon though. A bit far to get to (and back) on my break, but maybe after work.

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What! Never been to FOPP - good god man.
It was a mecca for me during my lunch time from the City - always came back with a bag full of CDs and DVDs it was at the time the best place to go and still is.

Back in the day they were owned (maybe still are) by HMV and used to off load all the stuff HMV couldn’t shift but in there were some absolute gems at some amazing prices.

In the glory days around the first demise of HMV, FOPP had a store on Tottenham Court Road - massive place with acres of stock then within a few months it was gone.


Dahn here in the south, we have The Book & Record Bar in West Norwood, housed in an old pub. Great selection of secondhand music, books and memorabilia, plus coffee and regular live music. Well worth the trip (it’s just by the railway station).


Still is owned by HMV Andy.

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Never been to that part of London, easy to get to?

Did that used to be the Queen something?

Ringing a bell.

Yes, there are regular trains from Victoria. Takes about 20 minutes. If I’m around when you’re here in the UK, get in touch with me, and I will take you there. I live in Balham, which is on the way (I may even let you into my hovel and we can spin some sounds). There are also trains from London Bridge but they take a little longer.

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TBH, it was the link with HMV that always put me off a bit…I imagined a lesser version of the Bond St store. I live and learn!