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I’m looking for a cd transport with the smallest footprint I can find. This is for my home office and needs to fit into a small space. I plan to run it into my dac, an RME ADI-2. Ideally I’d like something the size of the RME, with a coaxial or optical output, with a slide loading mechanism. I’ve found one or two top loading but that’s something I can’t use.

Any help appreciated as I’m running out of ways to search. Budget is about £500.

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Teac PD301-DAB X ?

Thanks. That seems a nice one. I’ll look more closely into it.

Or a pre loved Musical Fidelity M1 CDT.

Cyrus CD T ?


Project box cd fits that budget and size

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Bel Canto CD Transport?


Be careful with that teac. I bought a similar teac model and it was a very light box, noisy in operation and unsuitable as a transport.

The rega Apollo is still available but possibly over budget.
The older teac models are good machines if you don’t mind second hand. Eg pd h500

No experience with the Teac, just noodling and googling. Warning welcomed.

The Bel Canto Is and excellent transport, the one I am currently using since a few months but I do not think It fits the budget here.

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The most cited in our forum is the Audiolab. The CDT600 is around 500 euros. Tap Audiolab in the search part, lot of posts on it.
@Pete_the_painter has one for instance.


Highly recommend

The Schiit Urd is coming soon.

How soon is soon? Looks like years, isnt it?

The OP wants a half size unit I believe.

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That’s the size I’m looking for. At the moment the Teac seems my best option. But this Schitt one sounds interesting and I may have to do some research.

Have just purchased the cdt9000.
Supposedly an even an improved beast.
It has formed the base of the new headphone system.
However it does not have a small footprint.
Cyrus the best bet for that I think.


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