CD3.5 Replacement

Evening all, my trusty CD3.5 is no longer so trusty, takes a while to read discs etc, pretty common issue with this model going on the old forum. It’s already had two new lasers, many capacitors, resistors etc, as such, reluctant to throw more money at it.
So, obvious choice would be a version of the CD5i/sx etc. Seeing as Naim are only making one CD Player now, and just out of curiosity, has anyone used an alternative Manufacturer CD Player to compliment their Naim system, and how did it go?

How about a used CD5X? These can be had for bargain prices these days and sound great. Not to be confused with the 5XS which is a chunk more expensive. You can make a nice cheap upgrade with the Flatcap X in the future.

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Cheers for reply, certainly looking at and would prefer another Naim unit, watching a few on online auctions, was just curious if there was a popular alternative, I know my father once used a lovely Meridian with his before he upgraded to full Naim.

What does the 3.5 need now?

Spoke with Lintone Audio in Gateshead, explained the work already carried out so far, (1250 & 1205 Heads over a 5 month period, 6 Capacitors, load driver, resistor, service and soak test), they pretty much said it’s not worth throwing more money at it considering its value against the price of a good used CD5. Shame as it’s a lovely unit when it works.

Who did this work? If it went back to Naim for a proper service, I would expect it to come back in pretty much ‘as-new’ condition with some sort if warranty on the service work, and it should then be good for many years of use.

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The 1250 was installed Jan15, 1205 replaced it May15, work carried out by Witch Hat, Bucks, total cost 224.

Well I would imagine that work would be covered by some sort of warranty, but as they are not Naim authorised service agents, that’s as far as we can take this conversation here!

Appreciate it bud, work carried out 4 years ago. Was after a few suggestions on alternative players going on experiences on here.

OK, I didn’t realise this was 4 years ago. Maybe time to move on.

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I have the cd5i and it is fine for occasionally spinning a disc - we use it for that. When I rip the disc and play it via my Allo DigiOne >> Chord Mojo dac, it sounds significantly better.

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If you can find a CD5XS, splendid player.


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