CD3 + External Power Supply

I have a CD3 and was reading about mods on a DIY’er board here in the states and a couple of their posters mentioned using a FlatCap power supply with the CD3. As far as I know that’s not possible, but perhaps I’m mistaken. I’ve always sort of regretted not getting the 3.5 CDP for this very reason, even though the CD3 is highly regarded in its own right.

Could someone set me straight on this?

Welcome. Addition of power supply not possible with cd3. It only has an output, no inputs. You correctly identify that the 3.5 could use a power supply.

Hi gareneau,

That is correct, the original CD3 had no option to upgrade with an external PSU. Unlike the CD3-5, which could be used with any Naim PSU with a 5 pin DIN powered output socket.


Edit: too late! :smiley:

Don’t worry. The CD3 is a cracker. A very characterful player indeed. One of my favourites, and in some ways I prefer it to the CD3.5.

I have a bit of a soft spot for the Naim players with the “swing arm” lasers (CDM4 & 9). There is just something very pleasing about the way they operate.


Thanks, guys. I’m inquiring of the posters on the diyAudio board what they are thinking. (It was a thread back in May of this year.)

Anything of interest I’ll report back -


Ok, just be aware that any discussion relating to unauthorised modifications to Naim kit are strictly forbidden here, as per forum rules.

Got it - thanks for the heads up.

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