CD3 not reading disc?

Hello. Recently bought a CD3 over the classifieds. Not much info, purportedly working, but great price, so I thought I’d give it a try (I know, I know). After receiving it, rescuing the puck from inside the unit, and giving it a spin, it’s not reading any disc and does this little flashing dance thingy with the play and stop buttons when I put in a new disc or press play. Before I call it a bust, any ideas for what I can try or might be missing? I made a video so that you can see the effect. Y’all the best, thanks in advance.

Oops. Vid wasn’t working because I forgot to mute the sound and got a copyright infringement warning. Fixed now.

Looks like the mech is dead.
Try cleaning the laser but :-1:t2:
Check transit screws are in or out doesn’t sound good it’s been shipped with puck rattling inside. :scream:


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Try rotating the small rubber hoops on the puck as these can become compressed over time and allow the disc to slip and not read.


If the problem is the puck, buy a couple of new ones from your dealer, or TomTom Audio in St Albans can do mail order.

Otherwise the transport mechanism may have failed, and Naim HQ don’t have replacements in stock, unfortunately. I had exactly that with a CDS2 recently.

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The CD3 mech can suffer from the platter dropping down the spindle so the laser can no longer focus on the disc. There’s a technique of levering it up with both thumb nails that might be worth a try - just be careful you don’t damage the mech in the process! I’ve rescued a couple of CD3s this way that weren’t reading discs.

However, looking at your video it may well be something else. I wonder whether @NeilS has an idea here?

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With the unit switched off, check that the platter is free to rotate & that the laser swing arm is free to move.
If the above checks out, the transport Kapton ribbon is susceptable to damage on these, if so - that’s game over I’m afraid.



So far I’ve:

Rotated/fidgeted with the rubber hoops on the puck to make sure it clamps properly.

Confirmed that the platter can rotate and laser tray move.

Left it in for several hours and attempted to play several different CDs.

So far nothing tonight, but will try Richards idea with lifting the platter tomorrow (and any other ideas I’ve missed or yet to read). Thanks all for advice.

My CDS3 exhibited same symptoms and needed a new laser. Naim replaced it but it started acting up again. Sold on for a song and I still miss it! Hope you have better luck…

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