Cd5 connection problems

my preloved CD5 just arrived. The vendor put in the box a 5 din signal cable (standard naim grey) but he forgot the link 1 paddle (he used cd5 with a flatcap). So when I connected the CD5 to the 202 I got no sound. Is it normal?
I’ve a Link 1 cover on the 202 but I don’t know if I can remove from it and use the paddle on the CD5

  • 202 connected to Hicap through SNAIC 5 (link 1 cover on)
  • 200 connected to Hicap through SNAIC 4
  • CD5 connected to 202 (din 5)
  • no napsc (for now)


If you are using the 202 with a Hicap there should be no link plug in the 202! Otherwise you are powering the 202 from both Hicap and 200. :open_mouth:

Also without napsc? Are you sure?

That’s quite normal. The CD5 requires the link plug to be fitted in order to operate, if no dedicated power supply is being used to power the analogue output stage.

Get the proper link plug for the CD5 - easily available to buy new online too if the seller has lost it.

Thanks Richard. Is it correct to use the link plug on 202 when only Hicap (no napsc) is in use?


On the NAC202, the paddle link should be in place when no NAPSC is used.

A NAPSC is usually the first upgrade to make to a NAC202, so it’s interesting that you are currently using yours without, while having undertaken the second step of a dedicated Hicap. In my mind a NAPSC is a must here - you’ll be amazed at the upgrade for such a modest cost.

Thanks Richard, Hicap olive inherited by the previous setup (62/200). Now I changed the grey snaic with the black one, next step is NAPSC (quite rare on sh market now)

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