CD5 player upgrade

Hi, I’m thinking of adding a flat cap to my CD5. I know the correct “era” choice is Flatcap2 , but can I use a Flatcap XS instead? Thanks

Yes, of course.

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Thank you

I previously owned a CD5, I did a Flatcap upgrade, and it was money well spent!
When I discovered streaming and the benefits of it, I soon ripped my CD collection, and the CD5 was soon sold.

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There is a difference, IIUC the Flatcap 2 was specifically designed with the CD5 in mind, and its output voltage is set at 22V for the supply intended for the CD5. The XS has a 24V output on the equivalent socket. SQ was I think the only reason for choosing 22V, I don’t think there’s any proper incompatibility.

I have no idea if the regulator implementation changes in the XS (which I think is sightly different to the 2, interior shots certainly look a bit different) outweighs the voltage choice in the 2.

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I tried a CD5, CD5-Supercap and CDS2/XPS in a side by side comparison (using 52/135 etc).
The CD5 without PS came a distant third place.
However adding the Supercap was a revelation…it got much, MUCH closer to the CDS2 which edged it out in terms of detail, control and poise making the CD5-SC combo sound like all muscle and no grace. But still, it was a formidable combination, that could be used long term.
Another Stupid Supercap Trick that actually works.