CD5 Si Vs Cd5 Xs

Goodnight all,
I own a CD5 if I bought in February 2021. I am tempted to buy a CD5 Xs and found a 2012 model. Is it worth it considering its year and will it sound better than my CD5 if?
I thought about adding an XS flatcap to power the CD player and my integrated amp.
I am a little worried about the year of the player and the difference in sound quality.
I appeal to your knowledge to help me with my choice
thanks in advance

I have a CD5X from around 2010 and it sounds great and performs very well. Albeit it did have a 5 years break for “logistical” reasons.

In my experience a CD5XS/FCxs is miles better than a CD5Si.
There is however few spares, maybe check another thread in here for possible support.

Before buying ensure yourself if Naim have still the mechs for it. For example at the moment there is no mechs for Cds3 repair. Neither Cdx2.

I heard both with the same speakers - the CD5XS is definitely better.

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Good advice thank you

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The Xs will essentially sound the same as the 5i but with a bit more extension and resolution at the top and bottom octaves.

CD5XS is a great player even as a stand alone

I’m currently using mine as transport into nDAC ( big improvement ) and further nDAC into XPS-2 with another improvement again

Started with it as standalone and highly recommended as that , but yes maybe add nDAC ( they are a bargain these days) or flatcap for that bit of extra refinement


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Best to check with Naim first. They only have laser mechs available for their very top end and introductory cd players. The CD5xs is more highly regarded however.

The cd5xs uses the same mechanism as the cd2.2 doesn’t it?

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I think @gthack table of info may assist… or here:

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Ere you go :slight_smile:

I’ve had both - the mechanisms look exactly the same.

I believe so yes


If one wants to stay within Naim 100%, that‘s a no brainer at current used prices for the Naim DAC.

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Same as @Bevo … bought my CD5XS as stand alone. It’s a fine CD player and I thoroughly recommend it.

Later, added a pre-loved nDAC. Nice improvement.

Maybe one day, might go same way as @Bevo and add a PSU. One day…

Good luck

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I found a CD 5 XS for € 950 from 2011.
Is it interesting despite the risk in terms of spare parts?
Thank you

I think the price is reasonable. You’re taking a chance whatever you’re buying, anyway.

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