Cd5 xs powered by supercap

I have been using my cd5 xs powered by Flatcap xs for some time. I am also using nac252 and supercap as the preamp connected to my nap300.

If I would like to reduce the number of boxes, is it possible to connect the cd5xs directly to my supercap and eliminate the Flatcap xs?

No. The Flatcap is the only Naim power supply that can power two items, and the 252 isn’t one it supports. All other power supplies, your SuperCap included, are only stable (and therefore only supported) into a single item.

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No, as @feeling_zen has said.

But as a happy and enthusiastic owner of a CD5XS and FCXS, how does the CD5XS fare in the company of your NAC252 etc?

AFAIK you can take the digital out from your CD5XS to a digital input on your NDX2. Your FCXS would no longer be required. So you would play your CDs through your streaming box.

(Some people here are going to question why you want to play CDs when you have a streamer. I’m not one of them. I’m just answering your question.)


I really wonder whether a SC would “improve” SQ on a CD5XS. When I used the analog output on mine I added a FCXS and enjoyed the result. Out of curiosity I tried a HiCap instead and did not enjoy the effect on the sound. To my ears it became forced and unnatural. I was not alone in that finding.

If you want to lose the FC it might be worth comparing the analog out from the CD player with using the player as transport into your NDX2. In such a configuration, the FC should not change the sound.


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