CD5 XS reading problems

Good morning Naim enthusiasts! I would like some advice from you who are more experienced than me. I have a CD5 then it suddenly stopped on track 3 of a CD. And again when I insert the CD it used to go directly to track 1, but now I have to press “play” and sometimes two horizontal lines appear on the display. Then “jump”. What happened, did the laser break? However, some CDs can be read without any problem. Please advise me

Probably a trip to Naim via your dealer, if it can be repaired, otherwise repurpose as a doorstop or paperweight unfortunately.

Sadly this is where we’ve got to with respect to obsolete Naim CD players, a great pity as the CD 5 XS was an excellent CD player/transport :unamused:.

As an initial, possibly last, resort, a gentle application of a photo blower brush (NOT compressed air) to the laser head might be worth a try.

Best of luck.


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Could it even be unrepairable? Are there no spare parts? Nooooo

Re spare parts, unfortunately I believe you are correct……:unamused:


From what I gather, the yield from VAM1202s that naim stockpiled started to get very poor in recent years - sometimes literally taking parts from a number to rebuild into one. And finding more decent ones had been very difficult. I dont know what the current situation is but @NeilS may know.

If it’s the mech that has failed and Naim can’t supply a replacement then you’ll be left either waiting until they can (maybe never), or looking at independent servicers who can scavenge working 1202 mechs from older cheaper players.


I tried cleaning the lens but a CD that used to read still won’t read. I’m anxious

Yes, after we had exhausted our huge stocks of 1202s, we experimented with mechs from several different suppliers, all of which caused us headaches with reliablity issues.
Unfortunately this experience has led us to give up on the search I believe.
It’s a real shame, as we’ve always prided ourselves on on-going support, but in this case our hands are somewhat tied. :frowning_face:



From the problems I listed, what could be the fault? the laser lens, the complete mechanism…

Your original post doesn’t say whether the problem is just with one specific disc or any disc you try playing.

When you say ‘Then “jump”’, do you mean the display shows the word jump, or the player jumps? If the latter, what exactly happens - it starts skipping whilst playing, jumps to another track and then plays OK, or something else?

In short, I think a bit more detail is needed about exactly how the problem is currently presenting.


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Can we be sure that your CD5XS is faulty? Or is the disc that you are trying to play faulty?

I ask because you have written: “However, some CDs can be read without any problem.”

Here I have interpreted your ‘read’ as ‘played’.


so there is one CD in particular that he no longer reads (he used to). then other cd skips while playing. then it shows the writing “err”. other CDs are played regularly.

The defect is fluctuating. Once a CD doesn’t read at all, another time it skips tracks, other times it stops at the third track and gives me an error code. Then suddenly he reads an entire CD and immediately after that it doesn’t start

So you seem to be saying… two CDs won’t play properly and all the other CDs that you own do play normally. Is this the case?

Really that isn’t what he is saying. Read what he wrote again!

I’m at a loss to understand, David.

He’s saying what happens with one CD and then what happens with another. If you read all of what he says in his posts, some CDs are fine some of the time but it’s unpredictable. At least that’s what I think he is saying.

he CDs do not all play correctly. Some yes, some no. Some are not read at all (as if they were of another format). Others the reading stops

How many cds you have ? If it’s not that much, you can buy a second hand Ndac ( around 1k) and put your albums on an usb stick inserted in the dac. The least expensive to have even better sound than the Cd5x.

I have too many CDs, about three thousand. I want my cd5 xs back :frowning:


Good luck. Maybe there’s no need to change the cd mechanism. Only Naim Salisbury can respond to you.