Cd5 xs

I orginally had their basic player and rejected the XS as too polite
I then realised the difference later and uopgraded
Also I am going to explore ripping
My first thought was the Naim product but some have suggested the Innuous range

What about the cdx 2.2 that has almost the same mech as the 5xs.

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As a last resort for CD I still have my Philips 610 !!

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This is terrible news - if indeed true (not doubting you, but perhaps @Richard.Dane could confirm please)!

The mechanism in the XS is a Philips 1205, it can be substituted by a 1202 but Naim cannot get these either

The 1202 replacement may or may not be a temporary situation, there is info about this in this thread:

Not sure.

Exactly, it’s why I wrote “The 1202 replacement may or may not be a temporary situation” as was found later-on in your CDS3 thread

I don’t know the current situation with mechs. From what I understand COVID has had an adverse impact on supply and last we heard Naim were working on it.

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Thank you Richard. So more of a current supply chain problem versus “it’s never going to be made again” problem.

I recommend the other thread for some details. Yes, seems like covid supply problems played a role, but it also did not appear to be sure that it can definitely be solved (unless things changed after the info in the other thread)

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Hope Naim can source mechs for cds3 would hate to throw mine in bin :sob: a great loss such a lovely player :wink:

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The CD5 XS has always used the VAM1202 mechanism (VAM1205 was CD3.5, CD5, CDX & CDS2).
Unfortunately nothing to share either negative or positive on the current situation - just a waiting game I’m afraid. :worried:


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What about a simple straight answer from NAIM.


I guess the question being asked is, is the mechanism in the cd5xs obsolete?
I.e. is it still available from the OEM?

Leni, sure, but what exactly is the question?

I think Neil has confirmed it a supply issue so with the current COVID situation, a waiting game for now.

And from what I recall from years ago at Naim, supply of VAM1202s is far from simple, with no actual OEM any more, and you have to tread so carefully to ensure you don’t end up buying rubbish.

FWIW, most of the ones you see on eBay etc. Would be rejected by Naim as well below par and fit only for the bin.

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Thanks for the answer Richard.I own a CDX2.2 which i bought new in 2014 with the idea it’s going to be my last cd player(considering NAIM splendid reputation with servicing equipment).Now i understand the situation perfectly well but my question is how the problem is going to be solved for BOTH the players (cd5xs& cdx2.2) the NAIM way or the LINN way.

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They are looking for new mechs. What are they supposed to say while they are still looking before they have found them, other than “we are trying, don’t know yet”?

This kind of answers is not acceptable.WE are not talking about cdx or cd3 this are modern players which deserve a normal life span.

Still not sure what you think they should do or say