Cd5 xs

Our country’s distributor technician do help in such cases.
So far any challenge are handled and customers/owners are happy.
Kudos !

Worked in manufacturing during the seventies - and Naim’s view is totally reasonable .

Also small orders for parts may be accepted - but the Production Manager of the supplying firm may not prioritise the Naim order .

At the risk of repeating myself, I do wonder of the current CD5si could be “tweaked” into offering a digital signal giving it as a transport . I know that I would be ordering in micro-seconds

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Keep what you have and enjoy till it dies (probably years) you can always get a cd transport with a digital output and use an ND5 XS2 as an alternative.
I got rid of my CD5 XS last year for a mix of reasons, service anxiety being one, it’s inevitable eventually.
You could always stockpile your own spares from broken ones second hand.

Don’t forget in a half sized box. Fed via a HC!

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