CD555 - PS 555 DR problem

After about 35-40 days of being away from home and then not using the player, one channel does not work.
CD555 with PS 555 DR, I use RCA outs from CD.
Any suggestion?

If you swap the output cables, does the same channel still work?

I just did this test, and in this case work the opposite.
I had already tried turning off leaving it off, disconnecting and reconnecting everything, switching between RCA and DIN, use different RCA cables and maybe some other tests.

Sorry, I didn’t quite understand your first sentence … however … I think your approach of a process of elimination - in incremental fashion - is a good one. See if you can prove to yourself whether the problem lies with CD, amp or speakers by substituting sources, channels, inputs, cables and components. If still no wiser … it’s time for a dealer.

I have already ruled out the rest.
I was saying that as you suggested, if I reverse on the CD player the RCA cables, right-left, the channel that works also reverses.

OK, both channels of the CD are working then?

No - the opposite - one channel is live from the CD and it works through the amp and speakers either through right or left channel depending on the connection. Therefore there is only one live channel going into the amp, and the amp and speakers seem to be fine.

The question is whether it is the CD head unit or the power supply and without substituting one or the other it will be impossible to tell.

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Thanks to your suggestion I was able to isolate the channel that is giving problems.
Basically, the problem is in one of the output of an RCA on the CD player.
Only the channel I connect to that output works.
Ch. 1 don’t work

The above meant, “does the same channel of the CD player still work?” - sorry chaps, I hadn’t considered the other meaning. But it sounds as if you now know where the problem lies … perhaps a dealer is required now / possibly a return to Naim.

Is this a serious problem or?
I mean when this problem occurs in general on hi-fi components.
It may sound heretical, but do you think at this point it is worth trying to open the PS to see if there is something wrong?
The Cd given the complexity I don’t think I would open it, but the PS I might try.
Others amps cd players blue ray etc. I have opened them in the past.
The same current amplifier I opened it before I realized the problem was not coming from there.
Obviously I will call service… and if it had been closer to me, or the player had been less delicate, I probably would have sent it in already or drive by.

I called assistance and they say it’s probably a relay or the DAC.
Since I have to bring it in, I will consider changing the transport as well, which with burned CDs gives me more and more problems as time goes by (obviously 1-to-1 copies, from original disc, etc.).
Has anyone else in possession of a CD 555 had or has problems with burned CDs?

If it was a failed relay in the output stage, switching to DIN (both using a cable and configuring DIN output in software) should resolve the issue…


1- burned CDs may not be to red book standard, so the CD555 (and other Naim CDPs) can struggle with them
2- As Svetty suggests, can you try to use the DIN output on the CD555, which means you’ll have to re-set the output configuration alongside (check the manual – if you haven’t got one, check via the links below these posts).
3- have you also tried re-seating the burndies (x2), just in case a power connection has faltered?

1- The problem with burned CDs is that as soon as they are burned they are fine, after a short time despite being in perfect condition (and on other players they do not give problems), they start to give problems, first occasionally, then some give them all the time.
This varies from CD to CD, not with all it gives equal reading problems.
2-This is the only test I can’t do, and to get a cheap adapter just to do it, I don’t know
But I did various tests by changing the output (just that one because I don’t have the DIN cable ), putting DIN and playing it a little bit, then turning it off and back on and putting it back on RCA,
then making it play with both DIN + RCA active etc.
3-Yes I once tried disconnecting and reconnecting everything, including burndies. If you mean to do the test 2 times I didn’t, I disconnected them only once.

Noted - thanks. Re the DIN connection, did you not get a DIN connector (DIN to DIN admittedly) in the box – it may not have been applicable for offshore units? Of course, your amp may not have DIN?

Re 3 - no, I was just suggesting a full re-check/re-seating of connections (grasping at straws!).

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As soon as I can I look in the box for the DIN connector.
I tried looking online for a DIN-RCA cable that is not too cheap (e.g. from audioquest) but couldn’t find anything.
On the amplifier I only have RCA or XLR inputs.

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