CD555 skipping mech

Yesterday i was playing track n12 of Le Chant De Leschiquier (Tasto Solo ensemble) cd. A piece of music with hammered clavinsinbalum. Suddendly i heard a scratching noise followed by a sort of mistracking almost like pressing fast/ forward mode. Playing the same track on a CD5 XS it was fine. I assume this being clearly a mech fault. My player is early/mid 2013 build, honestly i was not expecting such a problem with a Philips pro mech barely nine years old and little used especially over the last few years. Today we have already ordered a new mech btw. I only hope it won’t be dealyed too much since i’m still waiting a couple of Din-Xlr S. Lumina cables ordered last summer

Hi Roberto, hope you are keeping well.
I experienced exactly that 8 1/2 years in also, and very annoying too- resulted in a new meck install.
Now please look after your new mech, as I’m not having you pinch a second one before me!! :point_up:t3::joy: Best Peter

Hi Peter,
Yes i’m fine thanks, i hope you and yr GT4 are too!
Don’t take this like a rant. I wanted only to share this with the forum ad see if stastically a certain number of failures occured over such time frame. Moreover, i always thought that the main symptom of a faulty mech was skipping or missing a track or some part of it. Instead, like already occured me last year with a CDX2 is a bad scratching noise in first instance.


All good Roberto thanks :+1:t3:
Try a shine a torch on the spindle, where you place your cd. You will probably see on inspection, that the black plastic bit has fractured and hence not holding the cd firmly in place. I know it’s a bummer :face_with_head_bandage: The good old British saying ‘ Keep calm and carry on’ applies. Good luck with it. Best Peter

Ok, i’ll pay more attention there with torch. Honestly for peace of mind sake i was already planning to get another mech. I will also replace the top of the aluminium case which has a couple of minor chips.

Where did you order the mech?

If it’s really a broken spindle cover there are replacement options, you can it the info in this thread:

I oedered from Lasa Naim service centre for Italy, who’ll take care of the job of course.
No, visually looks fine. I tried before 3-4 different cds which were absolutely fine

There is the other possibility, which can happen with the CD555 and may be the cause of the cracking spindle hubs. This is that the centre hole on some CDs is a bit too tight and the CD does not sit properly on the spindle. There are a number of CDs I have that need to be clicked down onto the spindle before they sit flat. The puck magnet is not strong enough to position such CDs properly. If they are not flat the laser is liable to misread the CD and you will get an ERR message, but sometimes the CD will start to play and then mistrack. Of course it could well be the laser mech which seem to begin to show signs of a fault with one or two CDs only.

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I see :+1: . Lasa seems to have deep drawers where rare mechs are stashed away

Unless the situation changed very recently, he always assured me that Naim has a spare mechs for every CD555

Yes, but last time I heard not very long ago they still had others that HQ didn’t

Over the last few days I have tried the same cd and others and they were absolutely perfect.
May be it called my attention? Recently i negletected it a bit, without even passing by the room to say Hi ! :slightly_frowning_face:


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