CD555 to 555PS Burndy cables

I use my ND555 with my old CD555 Burndies.

I home-demoed an NDS previously with the same Burndies by removing the CD555 I had then and plugging same Burndies into NDS - all worked.

I then did the same for my ND555 - I have not changes the Burndies the entire time - same ones I got with the CD555 and that worked with the NDS and ND555.

…that should answer the question! :bear:



Excellent, thanks for confirming DB.

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I can also confirm that I borrowed a second hand NDS from my dealer last weekend to try in place of my CDP555 and used my burndy’s from the 555PS and all worked perfectly.

Hi @Geko without wanting the hijack the thread what were your very brief thoughts? (1 or 2 PS’s?)

I’m using a CD555 with just the one power supply that has recently been DR’d. The NDS was/is very good but it did not engage with me in quite the same way the CD555 does. It definitely sounds different. A bit more two dimensional if I’m honest. Not quite the immersive and involving sound the CD555 is capable of giving you. I will caveat that I only had the NDS for a few days and warm-up can be critical in these situations. This would seem to fit with why Naim felt the need to introduce the ND555?

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Thanks @Geko. I am running mine with 2 555DR’s and before getting the CD555 I thought about an NDS. The CD555 is a great player and makes it VERY hard to stop listening to music. Thats the real test!!

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Going way back, I though the same thing when I heard the NDX v the CDX2 I had at the time. CD just sounded more involving.

I’m sticking with CD & vinyl.

Back on topic, can’t understand why the seller of the CD555 didn’t include them. Hope the OP got a discount on the price as they aren’t cheap to buy.

Thank you muchly chaps but a poster on Pinkfish has just thrown a Cat amongst the Pigeons by posting

The Nds, Nd555 cables do work with the Cd 555, I have just bought some of the newer ones for a cd555.

I tried to call Henry at Naim Support but they had just closed.

More confused now–sheesh!

Will try to talk to Henry tomorrow again.

Appreciate all the help and replies guys.

Ah well the debate continues


Hi Guys , Sorry my bad–I did;nt have my glasses on when I posted

I was entirely wrong–they DO WORK

Should/ve gone to Spec savers!

Apologies to all on the Forum

I actually went to Edit but Richard beat me to it–I am now embarrassed but will take my medicine -ha!



Nothing wrong with being careful. Enjoy the CD555 and welcome to the club! :sunglasses::wink:

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Hi again Guys,

Oh I’ve forgotten my etiquette forum Rules–I was member on the old version but guess I need to re read them

-apologies to Admin for mentioning aftermarket products --noted and absorbed

No more stoopid posts that are misguided and ill thought out and full of bad grammar

Not much fun in the naughty corner

I promise to post only after reading many times aloud-to myself.

As a Naim owner since 1980 I admit I’ve set a poor example to the diligent Posters present

I will change and mend the error of my ways on future discussions

Who told me to write this??

All good guys --enjoying the banter

Now to get this 555 combo up and running!!

Over and out


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From NAIM HQ this morning only these designated cables will work to spec with CD555 to CD555PS
with the Player/PSU designation #s as attached

00-010-0082 Burndy Lead Digital CD555
00-010-0081 Burndy Lead Analogue CD555

Matter solved–thank you for the replies on the Forum-- kudos guys!


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