CD555 transit screw won't go in. Please help

I have a CD555 that I am very happy with. I am renovating my house and need to pack it up.

I have seated all of the transit screws except for the long one marked “C” in the manual. I got it started but now it just spins and will not seat. It is as if the female threads inside the unit are turning. I can push the screw in and find the second set of threads and tighten it but I don’t know if I can back the screw out because of the loose piece inside.

Any ideas to help me?

Possibly a situation where @NeilS may be able to help give guidance.

Hi Skip,

The receptacle inside that is attached to the back of the lid hinge is held in position with lock nuts, if as you say this has come loose, you could end up with the screw stuck through the bottom plate with the receptacle part still attached to the threads! Not ideal at all.
I’d advise not tightening the transit screw all the way into the second threads in the hope that you will be able to get it out again.
Sounds like it needs investigating though.



Thanks for the note. I will see how I do removing it. To send it in, I would have to tighten it down I would think. I may make arrangements to do that while my system is down during our renovation.

The inside fitting has always been loose, but never this loose.

Yes, if you decide to send it to HQ, go ahead and tighten it right up if you can - we’ll be able to sort it out at our end.


This is a kitchen table job with supports each side. Without being anyway pushy gently rock the player to one side to see if you pick up the thread. If not and at this level it might be a dealer site visit first.
With a house refurb a trip to Salisbury might not be a big dent in the budget.

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