CD555 transport

CD555 transport.

Does anyone know the full product name for the CD transport on the 555. I know it’s a Phillips Pro.
Is it the Pro 2LF?

Thanks for your help.

Philips Vam 1250 Pro

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Thanks FR much appreciated

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My service note from Naim states VAM 1254 06-003-003


Just an FYI for anyone trying to source this … the numbers quoted above are the Naim erp system part numbers and meaningless to anyone else.

Would the Philips CD Pro 2LF (VAU 1255/21LF) be able to be fitted as a replacement?

Don’t worry, Naim will fit exact correct mechanism. IIRC, the VAM1250 Pro is slightly modified by Naim.

And if you really are determined to try to source a VAM1250 Pro yourself, note that the mech is long out of production and I’d imagine that any legitimate NOS has been scarfed up long ago. Beware of anything of unknown provenance, especially if sold as “new”…

OK thanks Richard I’ll leave to Naim.

Any servicing of my 555 and it would be a talk with my dealer and than a possible return to Salisbury. Not a CD player to tinker with.
Some years ago my head unit went back and had a new VAM 1250 fitted along with other improvements. Made an excellent player an even better one.

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Magnificently evocative. Redolent of Bunter. Will probably confuse the heck out of non-idiomatic English readers!


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