Acquired a CD555 last year but used it sparingly. However, that has changed since the main Cd player transport needed servicing. So the CD555 has been pressed into service in the main room. Do you keep the unit switched on at all times or only during a session ? Thanks.

I had my CD555 for 13 years and was powered up almost constantly unless I was on an extended vacation. Took a good 2-3 days to come back on song after a power down.

Thanks for the quick reply.

What I find an interesting remark that you have another main CD transport. I would argue there is almost no better transport on the market than a CD555.


Yes…I wish a CD555 was my “spare” second system player !

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Mine is never switched off although a clean and plug push/pull help in maintenance and the occasional power down.
When not in use I put a cloth over the lid as dust collects around the edge.
I had my LP12 Karouselled earlier in the summer to stunning effect. Playing my 555 last night and not going to bed till 1.15 AM shows its no second fiddle to the TT.
Any CD555 is a bargain these days especially as Salisbury can repair with no problem. If yours came with the Flash remote be sure to treat it kindly. This is one item which Naim cannot service.


Keep it on, regardless of use. The head unit is full of little tantalum caps prone to degradation if powered down for long time.

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Thanks rsch. That’s good to know. You have jogged my mind on leaving it powered down for any length of time. The user manuel from memory says if not used, power up every so often. Without digging it out its either every 3 or 6 months. Like cars, they need to be used.

Yes, according to my Naim service manager, generally with Naim electronics, if you leave off for a year or so, there is a good chance that particulary, small tantalum caps degrade with resulting with lack of performance. Of course, every few months is good powering the system dow for a while and in case of thunder with lightning.


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Indeed mine is on all the time --only mains disconnected if Storms/Lightening/etc forecast.
Plus covered with anti static Cloth when not in use. Yes the Drives I gather are still available ex Naim,I
wonder for how long-should we be worried? Mine was replaced in 012 together with full factory service /etc.
The DR PSU was recapped in 018.
That paperweight backlight Remote --great idea but the thing has no REPEAT button, very useful I feel-but opens Player door(?) -whereas the lightweight one has NO DOOR open but repeat --Duhh? Why not incorporate ALL functions into the fancy version and save the two gun method needed–anyway I guess I’m 15 years too late with that suggestion-ha! :grinning:

Agree though great Player!

Maybe the other player was a transport to a dac/streamer rather than stand alone cd player

Now i got my cd555 idle because i got 2 PS connected to nd555

Sometimes i am thinking to buy a cheap transport to use it with nd555 and then i think it is a stupid move…: and i will never buy another 555psdr and never sell the cd555:)

Go figure

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Thanks for the replies. All very informative. My main transport is a DCS Vivaldi. Transport mech tray some issue. So had to send it in for service. Meanwhile, make do with the CD555

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