Does the cd555 play SACD.?

No - unless they are dual-layer i.e. have a CD readable layer.

HDCD yes.

OK thanks for reply. :+1:

I wouldn’t get too hung up with SACD. I had one of the original Sony SACD 777ES machines - in fact I still have it. Surprisingly, it’s heavier and larger than my CD555. However, the CD555 wipes the floor when playing CD against SACD on the Sony. In fact feeding a Naim DAC via coax the CD from the Sony sounds better than non-DAC SACD playback.


Its my understanding that in the design of the CD555 nain rejected the SACD option. SACD is a relation of a video format and to incorporate it into the 555 would be a compromise rejected by them. It will play HDCD and Linn have issued some in this foemat.
As Geko says “not to got too hung up on this one”.

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Just to add some balance to this topic.
If done correctly SACD is fantastic and does have a performance advantage, you just need to hear it done right, as with everything hifi

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