CD5i display failure?

Recently purchased a NOS cd5i-2 player. On unboxing today the display is dead. Tried the remote to turn it on, nothing. Prior to shipping the display worked fine. I have noticed what looks like moisture behind the display.

Can you return it?

It was purchased from a forum via bank transfer so not really. The guy purchased it from a Naim engineer a short while ago, unused.

Have you advised the seller, they are know to be pretty reasonable. Just a thought. :slight_smile:

If no joy then you’ll need to visit you local Naim dealer.

If it was working before arrival with you then it must have happened in transit - it may well took a hard jolt or hit. The “moisture” is probably the filter, which, if you push hard on the plastic window, can stick to the window, which would probably confirm some kind of contact that has caused it to not just stick but for the display to actually break/fail.

I would suggest you take it up with the seller and any insurance that may be applicable. Of course any potential dispute between buyer and seller on another forum should be resolved there. Thanks.

The seller has suggested opening a case for damage but thought someone may have an idea what may have happened. Your suggestion seems about right to me.

Does anyone have any idea what price Naim may charge to replace the display. Getting no response from support@naim.

Telephone your nearest Naim dealer and ask them.

Darran at Class A, Sheffield may be able to help too. He is a Naim authorised service agent.

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t deal with cd players through the post but it’s worth asking. Thanks.

That may have just been for CD Players sent via Hermes.


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