CD5i output options

Hi everyone. My son has a UnitiQute 1 and has recently bought a second hand CD5i. Managed to get it connected using an RCA cable to the analogue input on the Qute. We’ve also got a DIN to RCA cable but this output doesn’t seem to work. I’ve heard you can change the output on the CD5i but there’s no remote control. Is it worth using the DIN/RCA cable and if so how do you select it on the CD5i without a remote control. Any suggestions welcome.

You need the remote if you want to swap between the two outputs.

You’ll need a NARCOM or original iCOM remote. With the remote in CD mode you press and hold DISP then toggle pressing DISP to select O DIN, oo RCA, or O oo RCA & DIN (not recommended for best performance). Then press and hold DISP to exit.

Thanks for the responses. Looks like I’m on the lookout for a remote. I’m guessing the Qute remote can’t do anything for the CD5i?

I’m not sure. Have you tried it? Press CD and then pres and hold DISP. Otherwise look out for a Narcom.

I don’t think it will. All the CD button on the Uniti remote does is to select that analogue input, rather than to control a CD player per se.

There may be a way to reset the player to factory defaults (which I think would include the output set to DIN) by some obscure combination of front panel button pressing. I guess if anyone knows, it would be @NeilS again!

Is the DIN output preferable to the RCA?

Most Naim sources and amps are designed to use DIN (the Unitiqute is one of the few exceptions) so it’s generally best to use them where you can. If you have a decent quality DIN cable, it makes sense to try it, although I couldn’t say if there will actually be an audible difference in your particular setup.

Hello grin22,

Is this a CD5i with an italic i or a straight i?


Hi Neil. It has a straight i

Ok, in which case I would recommend getting a remote control organised.
There is a factory reset that can be done without the remote, however the CD5(straight i) usually contains a set of coefficients entered via the remote at the factory to address some playability issues. A factory reset will clear these, so not a good idea.


Edit: should have said - the factory reset would enable the DIN output as default.

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That’s great Neil. Thanks for the information. Most appreciated.

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