CD5si & Nait 5si - speaker/headphone recommendation?

I have recently, at long last, extracted my Nova & Core from their wrapping. Today, my dealer set them up.

I am now considering setting up a second system in my study using my trusty si boxes (can’t bear the idea of such faithful servants going to waste). The study is 15x12 ft.

  1. Does anybody have any suggestions / recommendations for speakers before I start researching. (Dealer has suggested stand-mounted Neat Iotas).

  2. Does anybody use this kit with headphones only? If so, which headphones and do you recommend this route anyway?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

you know well - this depends on taste & budget and room acoustics - but i have always liked the following small speakers with my ( earlier ) Naim Nait 5i-2

Amphion 410 - lovely lovely thing
Dali Mentor Menuet - excellent one again
Totem Dreamcatcher - is on my list to try

but these are the 3 i can think of and i have heard 2 of them

If you could find some nSats and stands they would work well.

Thanks for your input - much appreciated :+1:. Having spent Xmas & NY in hospital, (I escape tomorrow), I’m looking forward to following up.

Thanks again.

Grado SR325e headphones work well with NAIT 5si output.

You don’t say what your budget is but if it can stretch to a pair of Spendor A2s they’re worth an audition. Very compact speakers but the sound coming out of them belies their size.

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