CD5Si or CDT6000?

I wish to add a CD play capability to my system at a reasonable cost.

The CDT6000 appears to be well thought of by forum members and Naim’s only new option is now the CD5Si.

I know it’s a bit of a ‘listen to both and choose what you like’ question, but does anyone have any thoughts……?

A low mileage, late production CDX2 would have been my personal preference but I really can’t justify the cost……; and they are like hen’s teeth.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts,


Would it be the CD5si via DIN into your 272 versus CDT6000 via coax/optical into your 272?

Indeed :grinning:

Thx, Ja

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I use a CD5si via RCA into Supernait 3 sounds great.
Good warranty and hopefully serviceable when need be. :+1:t2:


I also listen to a cd5si via my 272, the sound is very good! and I like to put a cd with this drawer, it’s like putting a vynil in a turntable…


I always liked the sound of my CD5si but actually prefer the slightly clearer, more detailed sound of the CDT6000 through my ND5XS2. I hear subtle nuances that were missing. Perhaps the DAC in the ND5XS2 is better? It sounds good when streaming too.