CD5si v CDi

An original CDI with warranty has become available and I’m considering trading my current CD5si. I’d appreciate the groups thoughts. Power coming from SN3.

Try a search on these players…lost count of how many threads there are containing many opinions of these models.

CDI is a fine player but new laser mechanisms are no longer available. It’s an old box that was discontinued in 1995 so probably isn’t worth the risk.

I’d suggest paying more for a CDX2 when you can as it’s a much better player that was only discontinued in 2018. You can also upgrade the power supply when you want another upgrade.

The CDI was a wonderful player, and still is. However, any player now is getting on for 30 years old and spares - especially mechanisms - are long gone. The mechs are even extremely rare secondhand, as hardly any other player used the type Naim used, so if the mech dies, that’s pretty much it.

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