CD5si white flecks

Hi everybody,

Have been looking into the cd5si via the 2nd hand market.

Noticing that the tray seems to have white flecks or something on many. Looks to me like dust but is very common.

Is this normal… what is it?


Could you show the pictures ?

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The CD trays have an anti-reflective coating on them. It could well be dust or maybe fine lint (someone used the wrong cloth to clean perhaps?) as it can stick easily to the surface and will be far more reflective than the tray surface itself. If it is dust or lint it’s very easily cleaned off.

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Good idea, thanks for suggesting.

Here’s a screenshot of the photo from one person’s ad.

Just dust.

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Just needs a damp lint free cloth and an air dry. :+1:t2:


Would tapping Blu Tack on the white stuff be ok?

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you bet and we did this in the shop. Blue-tac or masking tape.

FWIW, the reason is that Naim cleverly use a material that has a very non reflective matt surface to create a very low light noise dark space for the transport. That ultra low reflectivity give the tray a slightly velvety texture which loves dust.


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