CD5x Transport: Hub detached from spindle

Hello to all, as this is my first post. Regarding my CD5x: The plastic hub on which a CD is placed has become detached from the transport spindle. In my 16+ years of rotating between two CD5x players in my rig this is the first time this has ever happened. I know one can (without a CD in place) remove the puck at an angle to prevent it from pulling the hub off the spindle. The question is: Does anyone know/has anyone successfully reattached the hub to the spindle such that the puck no longer pulls it off? One thought would be to apply the tiniest spot of glue at the spindle tip and reinstall the hub; however, the big concern there is creating a balance problem. With these no longer being available probably safest to just go with the removing the puck at an angle…provided the hub doesn’t start slipping on the spindle while playing. Any experiences and/or suggestions with this issue? Thanks in advance!

Looks like one for @NeilS to advise on…

Not sure if the same advice applies, but Neil posted this before for a similar issue

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… but I felt reluctant to do the job myself, and sent it to Focal to have the mechanism replaced.
I was tempted to try though.

I think I’d have done the same :slight_smile:

Is your CDX2 all good now?

Absolutely fine, thanks!

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Thanks gthack, greatly appreciate the assistance. While my platter (which I called a hub in my initial post) definitely does not exhibit a crack, carefully inspected under magnification, it’s the same problem: A failure of the adhesive. From NeilS’s post to SamClaus sounds like the fix is quite simple, and following same, using the prescribed smidgen of Loctite 380 (which I just ordered from Grainger), must not cause any imbalance issue. This is all fantastic news, for I plan to keep our two CD5x’s, periodically rotated in and out of the rig, for a long time. Powered by the Flatcap2x and feeding into our freshly serviced Nait XS (done two months ago by Chris West at AVOptions) the combo sounds absolutely amazing. Thanks all!

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If it helps, this happened to mine well over 6 years ago and I did a fix using locative, tiny amount, can’t remember type probably blue. Just a tiny amount. All has been well since. I hold down the CD when removing the puck. And never store the puck in the try in place.
Good luck

Thank you nitrous.

Ah, that sounds like a good tip. Will try to remember that.

One reason I want to keep my CDX2 going as long as possible - apart from the obvious - is to confound all the pessimists on the forum who recommend everyone ditches their CD players right now because they’re all on the verge of breaking down irreparably.


Interesting comment/ observation which I think goes a long way to explain (my opinion!!) how unfortunate the perceived lack of support in future years can be interpreted. You may laugh at me, but I recently decided to get a cd player upgrade to treat my newly serviced Nait 2. Previously I would simply have bought a Naim player. Not now - I’m off to collect another brand today. I just hope that perception doesn’t influence folks in other future purchase considerations in the way it has me.


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Hey, you’ve got to play your own cards in the best way for you, not me. It’s not people quietly making their own informed decisions that rankles, it’s the rare examples on the forum who think they’re being helpful when they stridently tell (rather than advise) people they must get shot of their Naim CD player with all haste, as if it’s a grenade without a pin, usually due to their (at best) incomplete understanding of the servicing situation.


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Well, I’m keeping hold of my cd555 - it is going nowhere!


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Update: Just applied the smidgen of Loctite 380 to the top 2mm of the motor shaft, per NeilS’s post to SamClaus (thanks again gthack) early in this thread, and carefully refit the platter. The glue has somewhat of a stringy consistency, for lack of a better description, but was still able to spread it around the sides of shaft with a flat toothpick. It truly is a tiny amount so we shall see if its enough, for I would rather have too little than too much that perhaps would get squeezed down the shaft when refitting the platter. My thought was to let it set for 48 hours prior to spinning. Perhaps @nitrous could chime in on the applied set time? I would appreciate any experiences/suggestions in this regard. Cheers!

I was going to suggest a tooth pick to apply the loctite so I think this and using a small amount is way to go :+1: definitely leave it for at least 24 hrs, should be enough. I agree you don’t want any excess to go where it shouldn’t! Don’t forget to always gently hold CD down when removing puck, hopefully you will have music back soon​:sunglasses:

Cheers nitrous!

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