CDX2 issue

Hi everyone, the circular bit on which the Cd rests has come unstuck (no idea what it’s called). I simply put it back, it’s working ok (a bit noisy to begin with), should I have put a smidgin of superglue, or is it better to leave it as it is? Thank you for your - as ever - helpful replies…

Probably best for @NeilS to advise here.

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Hi SamClaus,

You have a hairline radial crack in your platter (it’s at about 7 o’clock in your picture), that will be what has caused the manufacturer glue to fail.
You can apply some more glue yourself, it really does need to be a smidgen though. You don’t want it to run down into the motor bearing. Use a cocktail stick or similar to apply a small amount to the tip of the motor shaft & a smear down the shaft, but only 2 or 3mm down. Then refit the platter as concentrically as possible in order to avoid getting the glue on the bottom face - you only want the glue up inside the hole.
Ideally the platter needs to be replaced.


Edit: For reference, we use Loctite 380e.


Many thanks - I hadn’t noticed the crack, that’s brilliant.

No problem.

Not sure if it’s just the picture, but the optical lens looks like it could do with a clean too.
A mildly dampened cotton bud might be enough. Be very, very gentle!



The picture makes it look worse than it is, but it’s true that I don’t clean the platter very often, those things frighten me… And having the platter replaced means being without the player for a long time - but it might be wiser to do that in the long run. Thanks again, regards.

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My CDX2 is currently awaiting it’s slot at Naim HQ for a new mechanism and tickle with the (micro) spanners… It is a wonderful machine and the very first piece of Naim Kit I ever owned courtesy of the amazing PS of middle England… If it does indeed need a new mechanism, thankfully, Naim have them once again and will be able to restore your example back to full health.

I genuinely feel the attitude to CD has bottomed out - it is an amazingly tactile format just as vinyl is, but currently enjoyable fort stupidly cheap money and with incredible sound…


My CDX2 is at Naim as well awaiting a new mechanism. It’s only been a month but I’m quite excited about getting it back and hearing how it sounds.

I dare say I’ve got a while to wait yet

Another picture - this might be useful to some who are encountering the same issue.
To @NeilS : I don’t suppose Naim could just sent me a new platter? This probably has to be done by an approved agent?

Is this true - @NeilS - Naim now have CDX2 mechs available…?

If so - very good news - as a CDX2 owner…

@SamClaus - correct, you’d need to ask one of our dealers. Also please understand that Naim do not stock the platter separately & any that we may have would be salvaged parts.

@IanRobertM - currently, yes!



Both answers good.

Thank you… :slightly_smiling_face:

Not very good news, as I live abroad. The unit may have to go to Focal first and then sent on to Salisbury. This might take months - but if it’s necessary, I’ll try to be very patient… unless Latham can do qomething about it.

Sorry…? Compared to being totally un-fixeable…? Gee wizz… :thinking:

Well, I say - Well Done, Naim - for persevering and finding a source of suitable mechs for CDX2’s… :slightly_smiling_face:



Talk to Latham and see what they can do.


I don’t quite understand your comment.
Of course you’re right, it’s fixeable, but as I said, it’s not very good news, as the unit will have to be sent back to Salisbury and I don’t have a reliable dealer nearby any more.
I know what I’m talking about, I was once without a Hiline for 6 months.

Thanks, I will try that.

Having a unit returned to Naim, in Salisbury, is ‘normal’.

Sorry you feel as you do. I assume your location is outside the UK…? (NL…?)

Perhaps your issue is really with the Naim distributor in your country…?

As always, in these cases - YMMV… :expressionless:

How is the platter removed should you want to replace it? Many years ago the ‘collar’ that sits around the magnetic part (above the main part of the platter) lost a section. I have a replacement but have always been wary of trying to remove the existing one in case I damage anything.

Yes, outside the UK, which is why I believe Richard suggested Latham.