CD5XS as a Transport into ND555

There was a similar thread on feeding a CD5XS into a NDS but that has been closed. I have just picked up a newly Naim serviced CD5XS to replace (possibly) my venerable CD5. My CD5 is powered by a FlatcapXS then feeds the rest of my system (252/SC/300DR into Shahinian Obs2) via a Whest dap.10. Although vinyl is my principal source (c2500 LPs), I have over 600 cds and there is something wonderfully tactile about placing a disc on the lovely Naim cd drawer rather than streaming via Tidal and Qobuz, although that can be superb (especially since I added a SL cable to the ND555). The question: is there any benefit in powering the CD5XS with the second power supply of my FlatcapXS if I’m using it purely as a transport, feeding the ND555 via a DC1? I intend to run the CD5 and CD5XS in parallel for a while, but searching out another power cable for the 2nd CD player may be unnecessary if just the DAC circuits are powered by an external power supply. I’d be especially grateful for feedback from those who have tried the CD5XS or similar as a transport.

Bart - you are right in that the external PS only powers the filter / final output stage so there is little point in adding an external supply when using it in transport only mode. I’m wondering whether you may get a small benefit by removing the link plug on the CD5XS as you’re not using the analogue outputs and it’ll remove some of the load on the standard power supply. Maybe the selector switch already powers down these stages when set to S/PDIF out mode - perhaps a question for Naim.

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An interesting question this, and having not tried myself, I would be curious to know.

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When I ran CD5XS as transport into nDAC/XPS, I could not hear any difference when my FlatCap XS was connected. As for saving on cables, I may have misunderstood what you’re trying to do, but I don’t think using the FlatCap will save on power cables as the internal power supply is still required even with an external PS.


Thank you for the replies. The general consensus seems to be that the FCXS will make no difference. However, I’ve found a Naim 240 degree 5 pin cable in my man-drawer (that was the cable I was referring to, Roger), so I’ll give it a go - CD5 with FCXS Pwr ChA via Whest dap.10 to the 252, and the CD5XS with FCXS Pwr ChB via DC1 to the ND555 to the 252. I’ll report back but please keep the advice rolling in. Potentially a CD5, FCXS, Hiline and the Whest dap.10 could be traded, so this could be my cheapest upgrade ever!.

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