CD5XS as transport use of external psu

If I am going to use a cd5xs as a transport to a NDX2.
Will the external psu still add something in SQ?
Added info…i mean psu on the cd5xs

If the psu is on the CD5XS any difference in SQ will be minimal. At least that was my experience with a FCXS on my CD5XS used as transport into nDAC.



Okay thanks.

I also have a CD5XS going into an nDAC. I also have a FCXS which is currently not used. My understanding is that the FCSX serves the digital side of the CD5XS which is why there would be minimal/no performance uplift if the CD5XS is being used as a transport only into a DAC. Could group members confirm that is correct please? (If it’s not I may press my FCXS into action).

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It is long time ago but I’m pretty sure when I was in the same position (CD5XS going in to nDAC) after having used a HiCap on the CD player, the dealer told me I had gained a HICap for other purposes😆

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I’m using the CD5XS as transport into NDX2 DAC attached to XPS2

Its magic :+1:

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Actual I using a HCDR and a CD5X. It should be better than that.
Or save money for a CDX2 and later a external psu

An external PS on the CD5XS, powers the filters / final output stages, so as you say, there will be little benefit, if any, to the S/PDIF output when using the CD5XS as a transport.

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So if the 5XS is running in “digital out only” mode, I wonder what would happen if the link plug was removed completely?

Indeed. A question for Naim.

So I’m not an original thinker then :laughing:

I’d been looking at a 5XS as a replacement in the event that my wife’s 3.5 could not be repaired from the dreaded “Err” message (she’s appropriated my CDX, but as I already have the very wonderful nDAC, all I would need is a transport - currently pressed into service is a vintage Meridian 200).

However, the 3.5 appears to have been returned to A-T fixed, but minus the puck and link plug, so they can’t give it the final test. Fortunately I have spares of puck and plug….


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