CD5XS Din to RCA

I can’t cope with switching to RCA connectors. Please suggest how to do it in a simple way

I think this may be what you’re looking for:

10.2 NAC 282 and NAC 202 Input Socket Assignment
The input selection buttons select the source input signal to be routed to the power amplifier and the loudspeakers.
The NAC 282 and NAC 202 have six DIN input sockets and two alternative pairs of RCA Phono sockets. The RCA Phono sockets can be assigned individually to the cd and aux 2 input buttons in place of the DIN sockets.
Input assignment setup is accessed through preamplifier program mode. To switch into (or exit from) program mode press and hold the prog key on the remote handset (with the handset in preamplifier mode). Program mode is indicated by a flashing indicator on the front panel volume control and, on the NAC 282, the record selection button indicators extinguishing.
Note: If no function is operated within five minutes of entering program mode the preamplifier will return to normal mode automatically.
Once in program mode press and hold the remote handset
1 key to select or de-select the RCA Phono socket input for
cd, and the remote handset 6 key to select or de-select the RCA Phono socket input for aux 2. The corresponding front panel input buttons can similarly be used to select or de-select the RCA Phono socket inputs. The appropriate input button indicator will flash three times on selection of the RCA Phono option and once on selection of the DIN option.
To exit from program mode press and hold the prog key on the handset until the record select indicators are restored and the volume indicator stops flashing.
10.3 NAC 282 and NAC 202 Record Mute
At times when the NAC 282 or NAC 202 record outputs are not required it is good practice to mute them in order to minimise power consumption and maximise sound quality.

Hi @Fal, why do you want/need to do this?



If it’s to change the output of the CDP to RCA it’s the steps below.

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Ah! Well done @Skeptikal, I hadn’t considered it might be the source device that needed switching.

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It was just a lucky possible guess when I got my shiny new Supernait 3 and CD5si I wondered why I got silence on my first startup… :grimacing: :rofl:

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