CD5XS Flatcap XS and Nait XS2

I’m thinking of adding a Nait XS2 to my CD5XS and FlatcapXS. The Flatcap is already adding power to the CD player through “power out B”. I understand I can also use the flap cap to power the Nait; however all the diagrams / instructions I’ve seen so far only show the cabling for a pre and power amp set up; not an integrated Nait amp. Could someone please help me with the correct cabling / snaic requirements? Thank you and apologies if this has been covered already.

You will need to buy another Snaic 5 and a Snaic 4.

The connections (from the Nait XS2 manual) are as below:

The diagram has a Stageline in place of your CD5XS on output B.

The little square blocks on the ends of the diagram’s Snaics correspond with the coloured bands that are at one end of each of them in reality. In effect, they are direction markers.


Thank you. I haven’t bought the Nait yet so hadn’t seen that particular diagram.

Google Naim Audio Nait XS2. Go to the page on the Naim site. Scroll down to manual.

Found it. Thanks again. Please see pic attached. Apologies for my poor editing but it looks like three extra cables required? I only have one between the CD5xs and Flatcap xs and there are 4 cables shown on the diagram. 3 from the Flatcap to the amp and one between the Flatcap and CD player.

You already have a SNAIC5 between FC Power Out B and your CD player.

As Chris mentions, you just need two extra cables to be able to use the FC with the XS2 as well - A SNAIC5 and a SNAIC4.

These are the two cables in your diagram

That’s it.

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Can now sleep. :smiley:Thanks


Nait XS2 ready… arrives next week!


Excellent - that looks a nice set up there. Kans too ?

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Assuming that frame is of stuff for sale at the dealer’s shop, please buy the FM radio, bottom left, too :sunglasses:

Really really ready now. :smiley:. Yes Kans which I rotate with a pair of Walnut IBLs



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