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I just dusted off my old CDI with a view to redeploying it after a house move. It fired up fine, CDs spin but there is no sound output. I tried a couple of amps to exclude the bleedin’ obvious, including (cue grimaces) a Sonos purely because the latter reports a connected line-in peripheral in the app (which it does) but no joy.

Am I missing something obvious here or is there anything I can do short of shipping it off for repair or recycling?

Not sure if this helps but it cured my embarrassment when I connected up my CD5SI.

IIRC the CDi only has a DIN output socket.

Of course, it might be worth trying a different interconnect.

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I was in the process of saying precisely that…I only have a din output. I should have mentioned, I tried my old Chord interconnect first, which didn’t work. It’s a bit crusty so I ordered a £2.50 one off eBay just to test the player…that’s the one I have connected now.

I am fearing the worst…

My bad Naim CDP newbie here.
Thought all the same. :woozy_face:

The CDS, CDS2, CDI, CD2, CDX, CD3 and CD5 only had Din sockets. The evil of RCA phonos only appeared once Naim acquiesced to the desires of the great unwashed with their subsequent players.

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All very informative ( :grin:) but doesn’t help me squeeze some sound out of this CDI!

Good job as the RCAs sound much better and avoids all that relay nonsense.

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Could be anything perhaps the dac, what ever it is it’s going to cost more than it’s worth sadly

Maybe @NeilS has some idea here…

I lost the output on mine and there was an issue with the DAC which Naim replaced. If it the transport that is u/s then you are put of luck. Y dealer contacted Naim in the last few weeks re parts, whilst they have a cupboard full of spare bits they can’t guarantee a successful repair.

I only use my CDi on special occasions.

I assume Naim didn’t do the repair as an act of charity? I am just weighing up the cost/benefit of getting it repaired…as Gary said above, repairing it could easily be more than it’s worth.

Best get in touch with your Naim dealer who can then get some indications of what it may cost for you from Naim.

Could be a shorted tant if it hasn’t been serviced before, but more likely a DAC failure.

I’d advise acting swiftly if you decide to go for a repair, as these DACs are in short supply.


Probably worth getting it fixed. I doubt you’ll spend more than it’s worth

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