CDi resurrected

All the talk of longevity (or lack of) Naim CD mechanisms, prompted me to dig out my old CDi.
Consigned to the loft, I think for at least 10 years, after it was replaced following tracking issues.
After the first challenge of actually finding it, why wasn’t it in its box? I dusted it off, powered it up and loaded a CD. True to form it wouldn’t seek to the higher numbered tracks.
So (sorry mods) it was a strip down and inspect. Well the first thing I found was a 2nd puck in the transport mechanism ??? I can’t remember if I ever had a 2nd puck for this machine. It could have dropped there in storage. Anyhow that was removed and the mechanism was stripped and connections all reseated. The screws holding the mechanism in place were really loose, not even finger tight.
Unit was reassembled was with fingers crossed powered up. The same CD was loaded and with great joy, I found it would seek between tracks without issues!
So onto a play test, how would it compare to my ND5X/ Qutest combo. bearing in mind it was cold an no warm up, plus not beeing used for over 10 years, It sounded pretty darned good, if a little harsh.
A satisfying mornings work!
Now the question is what to do with it? No room in my rack for a top loader.


Sell it and save money for next upgrade - e.g. cables or something for the future.

Someone else can then have the joy of it, and you have money to burn

I have fond memories of my Cdi which was only replaced when I bought a CDX2 and later, a CDS3 :sunglasses:

Change your rack then… :crazy_face:

I remember seeing the CDI, in magazine, when it came out. I thought that - one day - I might afford one… Didsn’t happen - got a CDX2…!!

Sell it on the bay I’ve just got rid of cds3 to private buyer because of no mech already had replacement it will nit last as long as original Philips VAM1250. As a stand in till next year I’ve dusted off from loft a Mission PCM400 :thinking::shushing_face: tell you what it sounds fine it’s 36 years old still on original Philips mech

Or, for an alternative piece of advice, keep it for as long as it’s working and giving you enjoyment.

I’ve got no plans to get shot of my CDX2, despite the ‘WE’RE ALL DOOMED’ comments about mechanisms that have been doing the rounds. Mine is still on its original mech (so 20 years old) and I can muster sufficient faith that it’s got plenty of years left in it. Fate might prove me wrong, of course, but then I could also get run over by a bus tomorrow, so I’m not inclined to be too Chicken Licken about it.

YM, of course and as always, MV.



It’s All Saints after all.

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Well done for getting it going again!
That little harshness may ease off given some exercise time spent spinning CDs.
The CDI player wasn’t known for harshness, it’s typical presentation is earthy but very musically engaging.
Give it some more time to hear if it improves, …and with a proper lavender i/c cable :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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Careful - religious discussions are banned under Forum AUP!

I’m hoping no-one else got the reference… until I just pointed it out. Whoops.


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I didn’t get the connection either :slight_smile:

Beware, don’t drift in the direction of Cable threads!

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It’s funny you raise this. I have pulled my CDi out and set it up to demo it for sale. It sounded pretty darned good cold but after two weeks I am amazed. The thing is so musical. They really got it right the first time with that player. I found that the puck needs to be adhered with some blue tack so it doesn’t spin around but other than that - it’s amazing. I put it side by side with my NDX and it sounds comparable!


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