CDPS conversion to XPS for Naim DAC1

I have a CDS and CDPS, the CDS has a failed chip.

Could I covert the CDPS to an XPS and use it with the Naim DAC 1

Thank you

The CDPS cannot be converted to an XPS, however, if it’s not a very early one then it can be modified for use with units that can be powered with an XPS. This needs a new and specific type of Burndy. I’m sure @NeilS can give more details here.

However, if the CDS has a failed Philips DAC chip (not uncommon with the TDA1541A) then I think Naim can still replace this. Again, @NeilS can probably advise here.


Yes, you can use a fully regulated version CDPS with an n-Dac - the cable required is Naim part number 00-010-0072.
Worth noting that you cannot use it to power any of the streamers (ND5XS/NDX/NDS etc.)
We can still repair the original CDS as long as it’s not a transport related fault.
If you choose to go for a repair, I wouldn’t leave it too long to avoid disappointment! :grinning:


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