Cds 2 whirring sound

I noticed since I’m spending more time at home a very faint whirring sound when I play a cd- can hear it easily when my ear is 1 foot from the player. When sitting 10 ft away I can just barely hear it -
When cd on pause also hear it the same. With music playing I cannot hear it. I’m tempted to say I’ve always had this but I’m not certain.
I tried a different cd puck and it made no difference.
Am I just a covid-crazed person? Do most people hear this subtle whirring sound from their CD players? Again, this is very subtle and no normal person would notice this sound.
Also, some cd’s more than others.

This can be normal - it’s usually down to the discs themselves being slightly out of true.

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That’s the answer I wanted :yum:

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My CDS2 does this sometimes, where the silence between tracks is spoiled by the whirring of the disc. It’s only with certain discs, and I guess I should make a note of which ones for future reference. Thanks @Richard.Dane, as that is the answer I would want to hear too.


I sold my CDS2 about 8 years ago, I seem to recall some discs did produce a whirring sound.

However, I seem to recall whirring can be produced if the CD mech is not seated properly in the suspension. When the transport screws are removed, the pins on the mech don’t land within the suspension cups. If it continues on a large number of CD’s it might be worth removing the case and checking the suspension.

Fatcat, when I gently press on the cd tray, it seems the suspension feels right.
I wouldn’t have the courage to open the CD player up anyway.
Is there a way to tell if the tray isn’t sitting on the suspension cups?

You could see if the tray is obviously skewed, but ultimately the best way is to check without the cover, but unless you’re really careful and know exactly what you’re doing then that can cause more problems in itself.

What FC is referring to is that sometimes when you release the tray bolts part of the tray can sometimes get stuck so you push to free it and in doing so the tray does not drop perfectly vertical, missing a cup (or two) and instead the pin(s) land on the flat of the leaf spring arm. The machine still works, but performance is impaired. If this happens, then re-engaging the tray bolts again, doing them up and then disengaging being really careful that the tray drops evenly, should fix the problem. If not, then it may be that the leaf spring arms are out of alignment or the pins damaged, in which case it’s a back to Naim job.

I went ahead and inserted the tray bolts and then removed them.
Maybe seems a bit quieter. So maybe it worked.
When u insert the tray bolts does that lift the tray higher and then when u release the bolts does it then lower the tray pins back into the cups? If so one would think doing that maneuver would automatically reset the tray properly each time this Is performed.
If I gently press on all 4 corners of the tray, I seem to get similar resistance. So I think I am good. I’m just not sure how quiet my cds 2 is supposed to be. Sounds really good so I think I’m ok.

Yes, so long as the tray remains properly aligned, it should do.

Last December I sent mine in for a laser repair. Naim replaced the laser assembly, tray pins, platter and PIC. I was told by Naim’s service dept. that I should remove the transit bolts in the disc platter very carefully. It was described as “walking” them out. I did exactly this, half a turn each at a time, which was a PITA due to the low thread pitch. However it seems to have worked.

As I said earlier, only some of my discs make a noise. Just spun Sade’s Diamond Life on mute, and could only hear the faintest whirring with my ear right next to the platter side of the player. Across the room it is silent. I do however recall playing something last week which made an unholy racket between tracks, such that I went over to the player to see, but saw nothing.

So @davidf, hopefully it is as per @Richard.Dane original answer, and you have only just noticed it in your “covid-crazed” state.

Could it also be that you are listening more intently since you got your Kudos speakers?

Thanks Richard, I also noticed when I screwed the tray bolts all the in as far as they could go, the bolt top ( ?hub) doesn’t go all the way down to be flush with the tray surface. Is this how it is designed?
Meaning the bolt does not screw all the way to be flush with tray surface- there’s a 1/4inch gap. Designed this way or does this mean I’m getting an improper resistance? Both bolts did the same thing.

Have had the speakers for a year, I think I’m being neurotic with more free time on my hands. Listening to music and reading are my prime way to pass time during covid crisis.
I have some degree of ocd, unfortunately :wink:

Is it a year already? Oh boy!

I just put the Sade cd, on mute, in my Naim cd3.5, and it makes an identical sound. I conclude it is normal for Naim. \o/

David, it’s been too many years since I had my own CDS2. Certainly you should not try to over tighten, and IIRC there are little clear plastic buffers just before the knurled nuts which I guess should indicate the limit.

Hi Dav, well I’ve been down this path. I once knocked my beloved cds2 the main circuit boards came off their locating pins and springs, yes it did impaired the sound, it’s noticeable not crazy bad but you would know . I was lucky enough to have the local agent as a friend and for a coffee he came over and repaired it. From memory the lid has a connecting wire (thing😳)that tells the player when it is down, this must be disconnected before sliding the main tray out but yet you have to slide the tray a little to get at it. If your really worried I would advise you to get somebody who knows what they’re doing or somebody who is competent. I’m glad I didn’t try to remedy it by myself put it that way.
Imo the noise you’re hearing is quite normal, mine does It, Seems to be disk dependent.
If it still sounds great don’t worry. Enjoy the music.

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Thanks SF

I’m remember, you need to slide the tray forward. That will reveal the wire and plug for the lid. Not hard but scary all the same.
I pray the thing last me for years to come but I guess 19 year old CD players are getting harder to find.

When I had a problem with the pins not seating in the cups, it was obvious. I few minutes after removing the transit screws and placing in the rack, a loud twang came from the CDS2. When I removed the sleeve and examined the suspension, one of the pins was not seated within the cup. Presumably when the mech was lowered, the pin was located on the rim of the cup.

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