CDS2 Servicing and parts

Hello Everyone. I know this has been covered before but just seeking an update…

I have a very low usage CDS2 that I’ve had for 25? odd years. I’ve never ever had a problem with it. At some stage though I know it will succumb to a fault of some type and I’d hate it to become landfill because a part is no longer available.

Are there any parts that I should acquire now that may not necessarily be available in the future?

Just want to future proof the player as much as I can.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

The main issue will be the VAM1205 mechanism, which has been unavailable for many, many years now. Naim’s own stock has been near exhausted, so if you do intend to keep it for many more years then that’s the main thing to consider. Be careful though with what’s out there on auction sites and the like - much of it is rubbish. Otherwise I think Naim still have other parts, although @NeilS would know best here.


Thank you Richard - as helpful and insightful as always !

Bear in mind that at 25 years, it, and the power supply will be due for a service anyway. Prevention is better than cure.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with and still be fixed on an old Naim CD player that are not mech related. Most of the discrete components on the boards for example. Also worth noting that not all mech failures are the same. Should one arise, that could also be on the control board within the mech rather than moving parts or laser assembly. And some of the components on a mech control board can also be replaced - though possibly not by Naim. However, if they had first crack at it (assuming a problem actually arises with the mech) then an unauthorised repair service still might save it from landfill. It’s not as long shot as it sounds. I’ve certainly repaired a few out of production mechs in non Naim players before - even recently.

Its strange we can fly to the moon.
But nobody seem to be able to manufacture CD parts which was common 40 years ago.


The parts could be manufactured. It just makes no financial sence for those than can, to do so.


Likely failure parts that we can no longer replace are the VAM1205 mech & the 1702 DACs.
Less likely (to fail) part would be the seven segment LED arrays in the numerical display.

Worth noting that under these circumstances, shipping an otherwise working CD player for routine service work is not recommended.



We used to be able to go to the Moon. Currently, we cannot. That ‘tech’ is no longer made either.

Strangely Similar.


Fortunately NASA’s attitude to risk has changed !

With possible upcoming CD revival it could certainly make sence in my book.

Had Shure known the massive vinyl revival, they might have continued their manufacture…

If there is money in it, someone will do it. But, to make certain parts properly they’d need the intellectual property, or at least the design. Cant see naim buying third party copies that look like the real thing as they are unlikely to have the provenance of the real thing.

Thanks for the insightful feedback - wondering if i should stay on the lookout for a replacement front end?

Thanks Neil. I am able to acquire the VAM1205 and DACS now or should I look out for a replacement CDS2 0r 3 headunit - or would that be overkill?

My CDS2 was serviced many years ago as I recall, but I too have been worrying about this. It looks good next to my 52 and sounds great, but it will die one day, making both CF boxes into doorstops.

To prepare myself for that evil day, I did an experiment. I bought a Core and loaded about 800CDs on it over some weeks in preparation for shipping it (plus ND5XS2, 82,HC, 250 and Xplorers) to Tasmania.

Before it left SW20, we plugged it into the main system - NDX2/XPSDR/52/SC/200DR/ N&W804D3. We played the rips to various versions of various albums on Tidal and Qobuz and to the CDS2.

On some the stream won and on rather more the CD won. However, there was no music we tried that sounded different on CD versus Core in a way that any of us could pick when listening ‘blind’ over several hours. When we could see which we were hearing, we thought I thought I preferred the CDS2 fractionally, but it turns out I was listening with my eyes.

Given what a CD player to match the CDS2 would cost, and given that I like having a row of Naim logos, I have solution to my “One day” worry - when the CDS2 dies, I’ll spend £1000 or so on eBay for a second-hand Core. It’ll last longer than a refurbished CDS2, even if that were still possible, and to my old ears (and others too) the SQ will be identical.

The only question remaining then will be what to do with the old CDS2 and its PS. Can the latter be used for anything else?

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If you use an XPS to power your CD player it could be sold on separately as a useable unit if the CDS2 is unrepairable by Naim. Just remember that if it’s an early model it can’t be used to power a streamer such as an NDX which a potential buyer may or may not understand.

Thanks. When it finally happens, I’ll look at the actual serial number.

Given this, my approach would be to sell the CDS2/XPS now while it’s still capable of giving someone else some enjoyment. Free up some rack space and cash. That might seem undesirable to some, but I would suggest that selling it for next to nothing as a doorstop in future would be a worse option.

Financially, yes - but I just like it.

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I believe this is difficult in itself.
Potential buyers usually have knowledge to the door-stop scenario.
Its a small world that are interested in these things.
A friends friend have just faced this, even low ballers asking, no takers.

I hear you, but still I can’t see the situation improving even for working players, never mind bricked players, so for someone who has found an alternative, now seems like as good a time as any to move on.
Of course, if you don’t have an alternative player, or a healthy wedge of cash to buy one, it may be different. There is no single right answer for everyone.