CDS2 Servicing and parts

My point was that no-one saw Naim’s release of a turntable coming. So I doubt we’d hear about any Naim developed CD player until the social media campaign landed.

I’m not expecting them to do any such thing though, I hold out a slim hope mostly out of nostalgia, but fueled slightly knowing their relationship to a company associated with another company who actively develop a new CD mechanism! I fully accept it’s a very tenuous set of links!

Naim didn’t build their CD mechanisms either, they used Phillips mechanisms, doing the electronics in house… It’s hard to draw lines with these things, and doesn’t serve much purpose IMO. Both their CD players, and their turntable bear the Naim logo.

and Made in China

Hegel can’t be bothered by it though. Ideas are more important than things.

I have heard good things about the ISIS, where would you put this player against Naim pecking order?

Seems they are offering trade in cd player to streamer which is very excellent for those in that space.
I’d say a snow ball chance in hades we will ever see a new top end cd player from Naim Audio in this present climate.
Personally makes me want to explore other brands like Rega in cd play back. All that means is if I like the way Rega roll my money will go to them. I’m certainly open to an RP10 when funds allow.

Absolutely! People get so dogmatic about self limiting their options to one brand even in the face of discontinuing a product category. Similarly, there are people out there clinging to Naim speakers that are literally falling apart (I know many are in pristine working condition but many also aren’t) because “Naim don’t make speakers now and I’ve hit a dead end and don’t know what to do.

If a person wants a brilliant CD player to replace their CDS2/3 whatever, there’s nothing stopping them at all.


Hence the gold standard of experimental design - double blind testing. Anything else is suspect.

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That’s me! That said they are not really falling apart and the problem replacing them is that no one makes a set with their particular strengths and attributes. I have listened to quite a few potential replacements without success.

Possibly get another set?

I have my original 1989 mk1 set in storage Rooster. The ones in use are a very late mk2 pair that sound great. New Paxo, gaskets and grills a few years back but original drive units.

I suspect if the time comes I will go for some smallish stand mounts as I prefer speed to an over full bass…

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Yeah, the wall-hugger design of the pre Ovator era was very much a product of the time and country of design and I can appreciate that those strength are just as relevant today for a lot people. But boundary designs are just kind of a rarity.

I’d be inclined to go a bit outside the box if I had SBLs that were failing (and clearly yours aren’t so maybe you’ll get another decade out of them or more). By that, I mean high end large on-wall speakers from PMC, ATC, or even Dali (I’ve had luck with the latter, the former being out of my price range). Of course I may be making too many assumptions, but when people talk about unique traits of xBLs I assume they mean they are looking for a boundary design.

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I kinda feel the same with my beautiful sl2, 2008 I have some oem tweeters in storage, I’m really concerned that something will give out particularly since I’ve had the 500. I do get a little bit , how could you say excited sometimes.

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Absolutely, I must have a boundary wall speaker in my house. Probably adds to the anxiety. Just have never seen or heard of anything else that comes close against a wall.

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I don’t think there are many made anymore as regular speakers, hence my suggestion to broaden the search to include on-wall speakers - proper hung on walls not standmounts on brackets. I think both PMC and ATC do box surrounds to make their in-wall speakers into on-wall. And Dali Rubicon on-wall are pretty incredible on a more reasonable budget. But the benefit of the larger PMC or ATCs is that you can mount them with the bottom close to the floor and not have to worry about hiding cables. The tweeters will still be at listening height.

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