(CDS3 again) OMG the end could be nigh

Sounding sublime as ever but over the last few days it has started skipping randomly on different CDs, not the continuous skips that occur when there’s a mark on the disc but single jumps :worried:


I do wonder how much of this is due to stress to the transport with the puck system. Puck on, puck off……. Can’t be doing it a lot of good. There is a recommended action to rotate and gently prize it off. Just a thought
I suppose one day it will happen to mine, but so far not. Then again it does not get as well used as the streamer

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Oh, no Lindsay, that’s what happened when our CDS3’s original mech started to go.

We were lucky back then, as the factory fitted a new mech and it came back sounding better than ever.

Best regards, BF

Phone Naim service dept for advice. Very helpful folk there who will give you their best guess on repairability.

@Bluesfan Had the mech changed in 2017. @Graeme thanks will do.

First thing to do is to try a replacement clamp. Temporarily you can carefully rotate the little rubber loops on your existing clamp so they looks less squished.

Good point Richard.
@LindsayM do you have the old VAM1250 or the newer VAM1202 mech in your CDS3? The old mech clamp has those rubber hoops.
The 1202 clamp has metal contacts instead, if I remember correctly.

If the mech was changed in 2017, I doubt it was the vam1250. Probably the one they used for later machines

Yes, good point, if the mech was changed then probably updated to the VAM1202, so a change of clamp may not make any difference.

Guys thanks again. (@Richard.Dane)This is the clamp:

I think it’s the later model.



It’s a bit out of focus but even so it does look very much like the Clamp 5 used on the VAM1202.

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Another way to know is that the transport screws for the inner tray are a lot thinner. When I had mine changed to vam1202 the traditional looking transit bolts changed to this for the inner tray.

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