Cds3 mech

Hope so great player took me years to afford one

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Doesn’t the cd5si still use the VAM1202 mech? Is it still in production? Does that mean that one can buy a new cd player from naim that wont be serviceable?

No, the CD5Si uses a different mech. I can’t recall which one it is, but @NeilS would know.

ok thanks for the info.

It’s just the way it is.

Doesnt it use a Sanyo mech Richard?

This was only 8 weeks ago

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I thought the 1202 was used in the CDX2, which only ceased production in 2018 I believe?Given the CDS3 creased production about 10 years ago, are some 1202 mech’s still reserved for CDX2 or have they all gone?

I was told today naim have no more and are trying to find another supplier so if your mech is not behaving you will have to wait till naim find something suitable mech. So I am keeping my player and just wait. :pensive:

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@Hawkmoon, this is news for your CDS3? So it went from what @erchie84 was told to this in the span of 8 weeks? :flushed:

Seems that either they had very few 8 weeks ago (which would make the answer to erchie84 a bit odd TBH) or an unexpected onrush of CDS3 repairs set in

Date at the top of the email, there as you can see at no point did they mention low stock just that they wouldn’t replace it unless mine had an issue which it doesn’t I was merely thinking of future proofing for a while.

Sure, I didn’t doubt you. Just that their wording did not inform you that “we would update this to VAM 1202 if a future issue arose as long as it is in the next few weeks

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Exactly… would be nice to get clarification either way


I guess NeilS is still on it, I’m sure he’ll tell us

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Was it naim who told you or was it the dealer?

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Thats bad news, my CDS3 started skipping quite some time ago but I held off sending it due to the travel restrictions…

You’re sure it’s not a puck rubber issue?

Naim told dealer but not all bad its just a wait till naim sort something.


I’m sure, the puck was replaced already. Its only very occasionally which is why I have been in no rush…more fool me !

I see, sad. Well, maybe Naim can sort something out with the supply :crossed_fingers: