Cds3 mech

I’ve dropped them an email, hopefully get a reply at some point next week

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Let me know what naim say. :+1:

Of course

The NDX do you find it on par with cds3 or better.?

Cds3 to me betters the ndx

If a CDS3 didn’t easily best an NDX, I’d be very worried about its health. A lovely player, and one I still sometimes have pangs of regret over letting go.


I am keeping mine I might just have to wait till naim sort new mech. Yes it is a fantastic player an worth seeking out.

Last I heard was that they’re on the case but the current supply and logistic issues from Covid are causing problems, so we may just have to be a bit patient until the situation becomes clearer.


Let’s hope I’ve just recently paired it with the 555ps and would like to keep it as a source, still on the vam1250 as well

What’s it like with 555dr I am still on xps.

And how is it on xp5xs - all I can afford right now …

I have recently compared my CDS3/XPS (1250) with NDX2/555 and it’s a close call indeed. Preferred the NDX2 one evening and did not hear much difference the next evening. I am bad as such A/Bs but most importantly both sound lovely. (Have not bothered to swap the PSes yet)

It will be interesting when you do. The 555PS really does something great for the CDS3

Yeah, I am also curious and will try. Not that it will make me give up the convenience of the NDX2 in any case, but interesting experiment

555PS is a major improvement over the XPS with my CDS3. I have not compared XPS DR however.


Mine is also a non-DR XPS. I guess the 555DR will improve the CDS3 and it will be interesting, but I have ripped all my CDs during the pandemic, so the NDX2 is most important and I don’t think I will keep the CD

To be honest if I’d known how good the CDS3/555PSU configuration was when I went back into vinyl I may not.

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I used a non DR 555PS with my CDS3 and was very happy with it.

If I had known that the lockdown would never end and I’d get my whole collection ripped, I would not have acquired a CDS3 last summer :slight_smile:
I never left vinyl and there is no way I will for the albums I already have, so it’s P10, NDX2, and CDS3 right now

Suedkiez, why you use 555 on NDX2 and XPS on CDS3 ? Not opposite or 555 on both ?