Cds3 mech

Would you recommend buying 555dr for cds3 instead of ndx2, I also managed to flatten the shroud out so not rubbing the discs anymore.

It depends what you want. If you’re sticking with CDs then yes, an excellent idea to go for a 555PS. And if you ever do change to streaming in the future, you can still use it on a Naim streamer.

But if you want to change to streaming now, then definitely demo the NDX2.

Yes I am thinking now weather to go for 555ps and if I am forced to move to ndx2 or I could go used cd555.

555dr will give me more options.

No fancy SQ reasons. The 555 I purchased together with the NDX2 as it is my primary digital source. The XPS came with the CDS3 when I acquired it last summer, thinking I needed a good CDP to give me time for leisurely ripping all my CDs over the next years. The pandemic and Roon sped up my ripping and it is now nearly done, so the CDS3 and XPS are now kind of obsolete and I am preparing to sell it on. Somewhat sadly, rack level delivery problems meant that I never could really use the CDP after going to quite some lengths to find it, as I had no space. The levels were finally delivered a week ago :man_facepalming:

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So after a reply from Naim the issue seems to be supplies at this time with everything going on

Thanks for the clarification. Paging @conlegno

What does that mean exactly? They are still looking into it but now is not a good time to find possible replacement mech’s ?


Exactly that awaiting supplies hopefully 4-6 weeks


Ok thanks for the information. Mine works flawlessly so far and has a relatively new (albeit somewhat noisy) mech. I intend to use this CD player as long as i can and i really hope that it can get serviced when the time comes. It would be a shame if it could not.

In the meantime Naim should think about releasing a CD Transport in the Classic Series. I think there is a market for it for people who do not see streaming as a replacement but more as a very good alternative.

I was really looking to try a Denafrips Avatar but it is not available since many months and at the end i really did not want to mix brands and stayed with Naim. I think that transport sold out in couple of weeks so there is a demand for good cd transports (they secured 3000 NOS Philips mechs so even if they sold half of it and kept the rest for servicing, it is still impressive in terms of sales in this short amount of time)

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Don’t worry it is just noisier then my CD5XS which was dead quiet if you get close to it. It does not disturb me whatsoever. My SN3 hum overshadows it by a large margin :slight_smile:

Good. Or turn it up :slight_smile: My CD5i was also noisy, so much so that I sent it to Naim at one point for checking but they said it’s fine :man_shrugging:

It makes the player sound more analogue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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are these the original part used by naim?

Not sure but i would expect as it was designed and made by Phillips to be packaged differently, unless they have licensed it out? @Richard.Dane has mentioned numerous times about beware of fakes?

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Could be a fake better to wait for naim to sort something.

depends whether you feel lucky, or not.

I’d be very suspicious of a VAM1202 labelled as “made in Japan”.


Looks like a fake to me I would send my cds3 to Naim

Afaik at this point in time no mech replacement except for cd555 and cd5si is possible.