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My CDS3 is many years old and has never been serviced. I do not detect anything wrong with it but I have experienced benefits of power supply servicing so it has me wondering about the CDS3. The XPS2 was serviced and DR upgraded about 4 years ago.

I have seen comments ranging from that Naim recommend not to send it if not absolutely necessary to a service being the best thing since sliced bread (some paraphrasing there possibly !)

It would be great to pull some feedback together from those who have serviced (not repaired) a CDS3 and how worthwhile it was (or wasn’t)…

I realise there may be opinions on money better spent elsewhere i.e. streaming, upgrading to 555 etc. but I have looked into these options and concluded I am very happy with the CDS3 and the only upgrade I am considering is a 555PS.

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I recall Sheila in the service department telling me not to have my CDS2 serviced unless it had failed in some way.

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I believe that’s because CD players are relatively sensitive to transport. It might be worth asking them if it is possible to drop it off yourself so that you know transport is done safely.

Perhaps worth speaking to Darran at class A? He serviced and repaired my CDS2 some years ago when it broke (cannot remember if I had both a laser and mechanism change or one of them)

You have to send to naim via a dealer - there is no choice in that

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I know my dealer some time ago took a few cd555 to Naim himself and waited while they were upgraded, to get around the transport issues.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. My CDS3 hasn’t left the top of my Fraim since the day it arrived brand new in 2007, and still sounds magical.

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I’m with Gary.

The transport failed on the one I had and it had a replacement fitted at the factory for a very reasonable fee. But this was all arranged by the dealer. My only task was put the bolts in, box it up and take it to the dealer. You can’t just drop in on Sheila anymore.

Which is a long way of saying, just leave it.

Yup, advice was always not to bother with a CD player service (separate Psu notwithstanding) until it was needed due to failing transport, noisy,
Failing DAC or similar. CD mechs hate being subjected to the rigours of courier transport and so best avoided if at all possible.’

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Of course, if one used the transit bolt, then that would protect the drive from the forces experienced during transit.

That said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Proper transit bolts such as those used by Naim help a great deal, and transporting a CD player without them fitted is a recipe for disaster. However, they can’t completely remove the risk.

I am not in the UK so no way to avoid shipping by courier, though I do have the transport bolts.

No ambiguity in the consensus though - don’t do it unless you have to!

Warning heeded, thanks all…

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