CDS3 Skipping

I have noticed on some discs they skip on the CDS3, these are mainly compilations discs that are more than 60mins long. These discs play on my DVD5 (which doesn’t play DVDS anymore) without any problems. Discs which have an album which are about 40mins long play absolutely fine. Is this to do with error correction ? I remember when i had a cds1 and played a cd which had 24 tracks on it struggled to play it, but on a ghetto blaster it was fine. Does the CDS3 not have the error correction like say a DVD5 has ?

Some very long discs fall outside of Redbook standard or are pressed poorly around the edges. The CDS3, like other Naim CD players, can sometimes be more picky of poorly pressed discs or discs that fall outside of Redbook standard.

Of course, it may also indicate that either the CDS3 is not working optimally, or that the laser mech is perhaps failing. First check that the clamp is holding the disc well; some cheap discs are pressed very thin in the centre and the clamp can’t hold them so well. Next check that the mech tray is four-square and level. If not, one or more of the pins may have jumped out of their jewelled cups and be resting on the leaf spring arm. If all is good with the tray and the suspension then possibly it’s indicating that the mech is beginning it’s decline.

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My CDS3 tends to do this a bit more since the original mech was replaced with the newer one (can’t remember the numbers).
But it is only at the end of discs that are pushing the length limits. Remember CDs finish on the outside.

The disc that it skipped with was at the biginning and then it read ERR.

That may well indicate a disc slippage issue.

If it has the original style mech, the puck will have 3 small rubber rings which can compress and cause the symptoms you are experiencing. Rotate the rings 1/4 turn, that should do it.

Remove the disk after playing as leaving it in place will accelerate compression of the rubber. You can keep the puck on the spindle so you don’t loose it, just don’t leave it clamping a disk.

At some point (several years if you remove the disk after playing) it will wear out anyway so you will need a new puck. Consider keeping a spare.

Have you tried a replacement Clamp?

When I’ve finished the session with the player I always put the puck at the side to avoid any squashing of the rubber rings to keep its shape. To be honest the player doesn’t get used a lot, usually at weekends.

One solution for discs which are thin around the holes is to cut some single sided sticky tape or alike, and make the surrounding surface thicker so the clamp can bite. But don’t use shiny/slippy tape as the rubber may not bite.

It’s also worth checking if the subject CDs are round and the rings are ‘centered’, as I’ve found a couple of mine aren’t.

The tape around the hole approach works like a dream with the discs that my CDX2 (with original mech) refuses to play. I find masking tape works perfectly - gives just enough friction for the mech to grip.


That would have been my immediate reaction - certainly proved to be the case with my cds3 on two or three occasions.


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