Cds3 with 555dr

Hi everyone and hope all is well during this unprecedented time!I have a cds3 with xpsdr and i am considering adding a 555dr .I would welcome peoples experiences with this .? is it a lot better,? does the cost justify the gains or ?is the xpsdr more suited,thanks Paul

My experience some time ago of running a CDS3 with a non-DR555PS suggests it would be much better.

But (for me), making a change would depend upon the cost factors involved.

Also check that you won’t need a different Burndy - not sure on this.

You will have to try it for yourself. Those with 555s will tell you they will make your CDs sing. Those with XPS’s the same. All will tell you they can hear things that you can’t without the PSU.

My guess, and that is all it is, is that a cds3 with a XPS will deliver the same as with the 555. If you want to fully use the 555 you need a better CDP.

Me, I have a lowly cd5si and am not burdened with external DACs and extra power supplys. I get what Naim want me to have and it sounds great!

But, go and give the two PSUs a go and tell us what sounds best for you.

When I had a CDS3 I upgraded to a 555PS and found it a very significant step forward. I would say bigger than upgrading the head units from CDS3 to CD555. Certainly try to home dem one and see if it works for you. Another advantage is that the 555PS can then be used if you decide to upgrade to a streamer later.

Hi Pdormer,
Our experience is 100% consistent with Michael’s.

The CDS3 with XPS is a beautiful, smooth, laid back and thoroughly musical device that avoids any of the “digital” harshness that most cd players and music streamers possess.

We just found the CDS3/XPS to be a little bit too laid back and polite for our taste, preferring instead the CDX2/555PS for its greater sense of rhythm, drive, dynamics, boogie & fun.

Then we heard a CDS3/555PS and knew that we had hit the sweet spot. It retains all the virtues of the CDS3/XPS but adds back some of the missing dynamic range, deepest bass, drive and emotional engagement that was missing for us. It avoids going too far though, as the CDX2/555PS possibly can at times.

Our 555PS was subsequently upgraded with service and DR, making the CDS3/555PS-DR a dangerously capable music maker, an absolute delight. The DR lowers the already low noise floor even further, making this player compulsively delightful to listen to for hours.

Some prefer CDS3/XPS for its gentler, more subtle musical presentation, which is fair enough. We found it to be ever so slightly boring. The difference is not a subtle one.

Hope this helps, BF

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My experience was exactly the same. The 555 gives a nice bit of added oomph without losing the lovely character of the CDS3. I haven’t tried a 555DR with it though, but cannot imagine it working less well. The OP should bear in mind that the S-XPS Burndy goes with the XPS, so a new Burndy will be enquired with the 555. It’s the S-XPS Burndy in both cases.

They will indeed, as the CDS3 won’t work at all without a separate power supply.


Likewise, I felt that the 555PS injected some of the “boogie” factor that I’d become used to with it’s predecessor, the CDX2.

When I changed my source to HDX / Naim DAC, the 555PS maintained the sound I wanted, and since then, with both the NDS and my present ND555, the DR versions of the power supply have kept pace with my streamers.

So, in the long run, the 555PS would be, in my opinion, the one to go for.

But you’re guessing.

Having heard both many times the higher PS returns some of the PRaT missing with the latter.

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I was guessing. But more guessing what others would say. Those that have heard both, and those that would go with a 555 because it’s a 555!

A lot of guessing but why do you think naim owners have invested in a 555 purely because it’s a 555?

Naim demographic tends to suggest that money is not a driving factor when making a choice with their gear.(my dealers words!)
I have no doubt the 555dr is a good power supply. But with low current draw sources ( streamers) I’m not sure why it should sound better than say the XPS dr. And, for what it was designed for , the cd555 an excellent choice. Or, your only one?
The cleverness is in the dr bit. Yes, a bigger set of capacitors always helps, as does an oversized Tx. But with streamers it should not matter.
But when comparing two psus the more expensive one should earn its keep.

I thought that. Look inside the nd555…yes a lot of electronic parts, but a look inside the 555 dr psu would say it should easily be an over the top power supply. But it can be bettered by adding that second 555 dr psu, one for analogue and one for the digital side. I had my doubts, only one way to find out, try for yourself…I did, felt it was a worthwhile improvement in my system, imo…others may differ.

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My CDS3/555 is awesome and certainly more dynamic and involving than a CDS3/XPS, nearly as good as a Rega RP3!

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Naim demographic tends to suggest that money is not a driving factor when making a choice with their gear.(my dealers words!)

He must sell an awful lot lot of statement :+1:

The inside of an XPS - I think the XPS2DR - it doesn’t really matter if Dr or not, as the difference to a 555PS(DR or not) is obvious in terms of TF and caps – and, it seems, a better supply pays dividends in Naim’s world:

And 555PSDR - easy to tell per the mini-boards on LHS:

Well I’m not one of his customers then!

Haha. No Statement Naim dealers in this county!

When you look at the two pictures the xpsdr looks quite hopeless by (visual) comparison. But, it has only one more clever dr bit than the xpsdr. ( 7 rather than 6). The 15,000uF caps are huge. Yes they will store some nice DC and suppress ripple, but the dr should take care of both of those (within reason).
If you can hear a difference then spend away.
Both are regular linear power supplies with the same fancy regulator.

Had CDS3 with XPS then moved to ps555 non dr
A massive upgrade on all levels
I much preferred the ps555 it seems to be more enjoyable to listen too more musical and real not rushed very relaxed.
Moved to an NDX with ps 555
But the CDS3 was more magical.

Since moved to a server/ ripper and a Dac
Which has restored the magic I had with the CDS3