CDX 1 skipping

Dear all,

After many years of flawless operation, my CDX mk1 + XPS started skipping on every disc and sometimes it suddenly stops with “Err” on screen.

I replaced the laser pickup and, despite the occurrence of the skipping reduced dramatically, it is still skipping sometimes, an average of 2-3 times per disc and sometimes the same with “Err” on screen.

Aside of replacing the laser pickup I greased all the moving parts and slider of the transport with a special Electrolube electronic grease.

Which could investigate further in order to solve the problem?
I thought about:

  1. Replacing the magnetic CD clamp, despite grip looks OK
  2. Could be the problem related to the receiver IC SAA7376 and it should be replaced?

Thank you very much for your guidance


The clamp or puck is the first thing I would try. Start with the easiest and cheapest solution, and work on from there. Hope you get it going again.

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Try carefully moving the rubber pads around by 180 degrees with a needle (avoiding lacerating them). Worked for me. Failing that - new puck time.

To increase grip in the short term you can also add some small balls of well squidged blue tack.

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