CDX Transport: VAM1250 or VAM1205?

Hello. Does anyone know with certainty the type of transport that an original Naim CDX uses? (It’s a CDX, not a CDX1). I heard two different answers from two reputable sources, and I presume the models are not interchangeable.

My attempt to resolve the skipping problem with a new puck failed.

The transport is balking at my amateur attempts to remove it, so I am waiting for the experts, who are closed due to virus. Meanwhile, I am trying to source an OEM replacement.

Thank you, if you know and can share.

The CDX used a selected and modified Philips VAM1205 mechanism. The VAM1205s are long out of production and, AFAIK, for many years Naim were the only manufacturer who still had spare stock. I think they can still replace the laser, but not the whole mech itself. @NeilS can advise here.

Beware of any VAM1205s for sale on auction sites and the like purporting to be a new or NOS replacement. Most of them are no better than junk.


Spot on Richard, no whole mechs, just lasers.



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