CDX2.2 digital output

Just got a CDX2.2 turned on connecting the digital BNC cable to a DAC. No sound.

Can someone please tell me if there’s a setting or switch that turns on the digital output function ?

Thanks a lot.

From the CDX2 Manual -

  1. CDX2 In Use
    6.1 Signal Output Selection
    The CDX2 can provide either analogue or S/PDIF format digital signal output. The analogue output is carried by either a single DIN socket or a pair of RCA phono sockets. The digital output is carried by a single 75Ω BNC socket.
    Digital and analogue outputs may not be used simultaneously. Selection is achieved by using the rear panel mounted switch. The CDX2 must be switched off before the output selection switch is operated. Ensure the correct cables are connected before switching the
    CDX2 back on.
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Naim CD Player Manual, inc CDX2 -

Thanks IanRobertM.