CDX2 Failure Again

@Cayman295 - So pleased you have got your CDX2 fixed - even better being as it was FOC…!!

Well done Naim and Audio T - indeed. Excellent work.

Failures will always happen. Its how they get fixed which can show how ‘good’ a company really is.

(from another CDX2 owner)


This is such a true statement, it’s how you sort a problem that builds or destroys your reputation.


The same can be said for a dealer.


It does indeed.

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Abso-bloomin-lutely… :astonished:

Including on, say, a new website, perhaps?

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Great result and service.

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I’m talking about resolving issues with a customer.

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My understanding is that the 1704 dac ceased production a good few years back so where does ‘new’ stock come from. There was a new player recently announced (cannot recall the manaufacturer as i write this) that uses the dac as well. Odd.

Its fantastic when a company expects expectations! When I put a leica in for service I was amazed when they popped in a new shutter in free on the grounds that it was all apart anyway- something I’ve never forgotten-decades later.

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I realise that. I was simply taking the opportunity to make a pointed comparison with another recent issue.

Likely they found some NOS chipsets, or maybe bought up the ones that didn’t measure to Naim’s requirements :wink: . If it’s a low volume player (let’s face it any hi -end player these days is going to be built in very small numbers) then using NOS parts is quite possible.


It was Exposure with their new 3510 model - seemed odd to me that a new player would use a discontinued chip.

At £2500 I would have thought that the Exposure CD is unlikely to find that many homes, it is going to be a very niche product, so maybe there are enough chips for a small scale build of new players plus there are a few chips floating around for spares/servicing.