CDX2 Failure Again

Hi All

August 2023 the DAC failed in my CDX 2 and Naim told me it couldn’t be repaired.

Then Neil from Naim got involved and the player was repaired and serviced at a cost of nearly £700.

Today it failed again with the same fault distorted sound from one channel then total failure of the channel.

Currently with Audio T awaiting response from Naim.

What should I do now obviously fix it if its free of charge.

Other than that a bit of a dead end as far as Naim are concerned only one cd player available from Naim but not of the CDX 2 standard especially as I am using an XPS with mine.

What alternative cd player is there that could match the cdx2 with XPS for sensible money.

Not interested in paying a fortune for the Naim streamers. The entry level streamer will not match the quality of the cdx2 I am told.

All in all a bit of an issue. Perhaps I will just stick with vinyl and my LP12 and play the cd’s on my lesser system.

Any thoughts.?

What is the Naim warranty on repairs and service?

Neil can you help again please if your able.


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@NeilS perhaps you can advise

Trevor, sorry to hear this. It sounds like the work done on your player should still be warranted (if @NeilS sees this I’m sure he can confirm or not).

Out of interest, was it the same channel as before or the other one?

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I can’t remember for sure.

Evidently the DAC controls both


Hi Trevor,
That’s a rotten bit of luck - our warranty on repairs is currently 12 months.
It’s not unheard of for the other channel DAC (they are dual mono) to fail soon after the other. I have no idea why this may be.
However, as these DACs are now end of life, they are very expensive, making replacing both (just to be safe) not possible. I imagine if we were to adopt that policy, we would need to move the players that use the 1704 to a higher repair price band, probably making any repair uneconomical.
We currently have the DACs in stock & should be able to get you going again.



Hi Neil

What about cost?

Or contact Jon at Audio T


I’m afraid that side of things is beyond my remit - I wouldn’t want to give you any false information.
Your dealer should liaise with our tech support team on that one.


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I got rid of my CDX2 a decade ago. I couldn’t see the point of keeping the variability and vulnerability a mechanical mechanism in delivering a digital file. Ripped all my CDs and moved to an nDAC (with XPS) and Audirvāna on a Mac mini. Streaming came seamlessly later on. Although I’ve since moved from the nDAC to a streamer (222) - via spell with Devialet, the nDAC/XPS was significantly better than the CDX2/XPS and the NDX/XPS I demoed on my 252/300 set up.
I think it’s time to ditch the CD player…… unlike a TT thre really is no point in making it so complex getting a digital file to a good DAC.

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I came to a different conclusion to you albeit with a minority view. In 2021 I decided to trade my 20 year+ Cds2 for a Rega Isis. With a lifetime warranty on manufactured parts and two matched mechanisms kept by Rega for my machine it seemed to be a long term solution to playing CD’s. One box with no possibility of upgrades (other than cables). It was a simple and cost effective solution and the sound is very good too.


Thanks all

I think my plan will be to fix this time around and then budget to replace in 2025.

What with at this point I don’t know.

Possibly a used Naim Streamer.


I also own a CDX2. My sort of plan - should it fail and be un-repairable - would be to swap to some sort of streamer or DAC, maybe with a CD transport.

Naim nDAC & Audiolab CDT??? maybe…?

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Hi Ian

The advice I have been given is to sell the XPS I have and purchase a Lyndorf cd player.

I have heard this player as the source in a £25,000 speaker amplifier combination and it was impressive. Not cheap at £2600.

The Cyrus XR range are very good, both the CD player and the transport and both can be improved further with the power supply


I agree I have CDT-XR and psu xr :open_mouth: stunning listen they are extremely good. Holographic stage very detailed presentation work every penny :star_struck::wink::wink:


I also also own a CDX2 which is my only source in the main system. Despite prognostications of doom, it has never failed me yet and I am happy to continue in Pollyanna fashion. Should an unserviceable failure happen, I don’t really have a fully thought-through plan, though streaming wouldn’t be high up my list. I suppose it’ll have to be another CDP, though I’m not sure what I’d want.

What about another CDX2…?



Or… as I have an XPS… a CDS3… :astonished:

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Thanks all

Buying another cdx2 would be like driving into the same pot hole twice.

Hoping its a free repair as I had it repaired and serviced at the same time.

Hoping to get another 5 years out of her yet.

I have a Roksan transport playing through an audio note streamer DAC in a Rega Brio amp and Quad S1 speakers in another room.

Might try the Roksan and DAC on the Naim system see how it sounds. Sounds great on the system its connected to albeit a smaller sound as its in a small room.

Thought the Roksan transport was better than the Audiolab CDT 7000 except for the display and remote which are not the best on the Roksan. This doesn’t matter as its in my second system.


Most CD players and other electronics have a limited life span so you might as well go for a good one.

If you get one at the right price another CDX2 would be a bargain.

They are generally sold around 1,5 k. Best is to have it repaired by Naim, it will cost less.
And maybe free in the OP case.

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Great news CDX2 was returned today and free of charge repair even though it was the opposite channel failed. Both DACS now replaced.

It restores your faith in a good Company and good old customer service by both Naim and Audio T

A genuine Thankyou to all that helped with both the original problem and the subsequent opposite channel failure.